An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Raja Shekaran, MD, Ravel Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

1Q. Could you brief our readers about Ravel Electronics Pvt Ltd? Could you brief us about the overall business Activities of your Company? Can you tell our readers about the major achievements & milestones? Could you brief about yourself & the road of this successful journey?

Ravel over the past two decades has earned a reputation that has a unique combination of quality, value, trust, and reliability. Driven by professionals, RAVEL has emerged as a renowned brand in FIRE ALARM industry. Being the only UL listed Fire Alarm manufacturer in India and having equipped with latest tools and machinery, RAVEL has won an edge over the other manufacturers and our continuous research and development has encouraged us to serve the industry with innovative solutions. The manufacturing area is spread across 25000 sq feet, which has the capability to manufacture 10000 panels and 60000 detectors per month, not only catering the needs of Indian market but also exporting to over 22 countries.

Focusing on the achievements, year 2010 added another feather to the cap of RAVEL by registering an office in United Kingdom to serve the needs of International Market.

Rave has also diversified into Movement Control this year with a complete range of boom barriers and parking management systems, turnstiles etc.

Q. Could you elaborate about your pioneer products & their portfolio as well as their application in the Fire industry?

Ravel range of analogue addressable fire alarm system along with Public addressing system is majorly covering the segments like Residential, Commercial, Retail outlets and Industrial segments.

Ravel also having the range of Agent release panel with accessories for the Gas suppression industry for the application like server rooms, data centres, Flammable solvents.,etc.

Ravel is providing the complete range of Conventional fire alarm system from 2 zone to 128 zones Microprocessor based advance technology system.

Integrated PA system with conventional and Addressable range of fire alarm system.

Fire fighters telephone system for residential and industrial premises with full duplex talk back system.

Q. What are the various advantages of products made by Ravel & how do you'll cope with Competition?

Advantages can be summarized in Words like RELIABLE, ACCESSIBLE, VIABLE, And EFFICIENT

Calling it Reliable because of the High Quality maintained by us and following the high standards as per Underwriters Laboratories for the manufacturing. RAVEL is the only Indian Manufacturing company having UL listed product in its portfolio. Also having a range of product certified by CE and LPCB. 

Accessible can be understood by the fact that being it an electronic product involving lots of programming and logics, RAVEL offers its customers a highly user-friendly product without any complexity in hardware or software of the product thus making it easily accessible. Adding further to it, a large network of 35 PAN India stockists of RAVEL makes it even simpler for our customers to get the product on short notice. This apart our customer support team is spread across all major cities to cater to any sort of onsite or off-site support at shortest notice.

Viable in short as the words imply about being capable of working successfully, RAVEL products are working SUCCESSFULLY across the globe in almost all the possible segments and covering the Nation geographically, from North to South and East to West, irrespective of the environmental effects. 

RAVEL takes great pride to announce that they have been adjudged as one among the top 26 most innovative companies in India for 2014 by CII (Confederation of Indian Industries)

Q. Brief us about the policy & R&D activity in your company? What is the R&D Strategies you keep in mind with regards to the market approach? How do you account your R&D Activities'?

In today's fast paced environment where technologies are born or die in an instant, attention to quality research and development (R&D) can spell the difference between success and failure. We address the critical need for setting mission-oriented goals that will ensure success.

In the high-tech innovation management context, it has generally been accepted that tight integration between R&D and marketing successfully influences the development of an innovative product by stimulating a mutual understanding between people from different departments. Results demonstrate that the effect of integration between R&D and marketing is no constant and nonlinear, a finding that could not be captured with parametric assumptions. Therefore, our research provides an explanation for the opposing observations reported in earlier work.

R&D activities are accounted by means of number of new products developed along with the existing product upgradation with new technologies at shortest duration. Another important factor is ensuring that the product clears the quality check without any hurdle on single Go procedure to ensure the Fit and forgot technology for maintenance free system.

Q. What are the challenges that you are currently facing in India?

Lack of awareness among customers is what we feel is the major challenge we face as the result of which Non-certified products or products not complying to any fire norms are being entertained by most of the customers for only obtaining occupancy certifications. Product reliability is not the concern for most of the builders across the country today. Customers compromising safety by procuring noncertified products which is available cheaper in market is the order of the day.

Major case studies reveal that fire accident happens due to short circuit in the premises which goes undetected because either the entire fire detection system is  shut down or the unreliable system has failed to raise an alarm.

Q. What are your plans & expectations you have in mind for this Segment this year?

Ravel is committed to provide highly efficient product year on year to the fire industry .Keeping in mind our contribution to the fire industry this year we are glad to have increased our product offering with 16 loop Analogue addressable fire alarm system with integrated voice evacuation system, aspiration detectors, Linear Heat detection system and Advanced public addressing system. Ravel as a group of companies has also entered into a new era of MOVEMENT CONTROL, focusing on Boom barriers and Parking management system.

As far as expectation is considered, we believe as for so many years our customers have always accepted us with great confidence, these new range of products will also become preferable or rather the first choice in its segment.

Q. What are the Key Technological trends that drive your business ahead in the Fire industry?

Ravel believes in investing majorly into latest technology to cope with the dominance of multinational brands in the industry and as a result we have been able to penetrate considerably into market and been able to draw attention of many big consultants and architects. Talking about the product offering, RAVEL offers UL Listed Fire alarm system wherein a four-loop panel can support 1000 plus devices in any combination along with integrated voice evacuation system. Among our large product list, we also have a 2/4 zone panel with Ethernet and GSM modules to support control and monitoring from remote location up to 1000 panels with single Enterprises Software., which makes us stand unique and the best among other well established brands.

We at RAVEL, continuously thrive for success by developing products inline to market needs and ensure the timely upgradation of our existing product range keeping in mind to safeguard the interest of public safety and meeting the fire norms.

Q. What is the Initiative taken by Ravel Electronics Pvt Ltd to Spread the awareness of Fire Prevention & Safety?

Ravel group of companies have always ensured its contribution in developing safe society by actively participating and sponsoring the major events and exhibitions conducted by various organizations like FSAI and Fire India which also helps to create the public awareness on fire prevention and safety.

Recently RAVEL has also sponsored for combat 360 in Mumbai conducted by Maharashtra fire services to create awareness on fire prevention.

Having a large database of professional partners, RAVEL ensures timely training programs for all such engineers across the country at our branch offices like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Q. Brief us about your outreach & facilities offered?

RAVEL has its wings spread in Pan India with its trained in house technical and highly efficient professionals providing onsite technical support from the initial level of site survey, cabling, designing and deriving BOQ to ensure the smooth installation and hassle-free commissioning of fire alarm system.

Presales and Post sales supports in India is being catered by widely present distributors and our local representatives to ensure the on-time support.

We offer free one-time commissioning support on Pan India basis to our customers. On demand basis our engineers are available at any location across the country to attend the service needs.

Q. Looking further ahead, how do you see Ravel Electronics Pvt Ltd Growing even more in the future, especially in the International market?

As mentioned earlier, we have grown as a Group of Companies having multiple verticals with products under Ravel brand. Well understanding the capacity and the power of International market which can fuel the engine or boost the wings of any company to reach the sky, we are not limiting ourselves to only Indian Market, and have already explored new markets like Central and South America where very high potential exists.


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