An interface with Mr. Inderpreet Singh Director, “UMC”















Q:  Mr. Inderpreet Singh thank you for joining with us can we start with your brief introduction?

I am an MBA in International Marketing and have joined hand with the legacy of “UMC”.

 Modernisation of India has brought its set of complexities. Fire & safety is one of the major challenges. But it has been deprived of attention so far.

I have joined this business with a vision to contribute my best to implement state of art modern technologies in our product line to provide effective fire safety solutions, matching international quality.

Q; You are the next generation business leader and “United Manufacturing Company” is already an established brand and thus bar is already raised high. What amount of pressure you feel to meet the expectations & accelerate growth further?

The bar is already high with “UMC”. The company is known for its product quality & services.

 Yes, I have my set of pressures. First, to learn fast all the systems and second to bring in new developments to show the performance.

My performance will be judged by the value additions to the company on all verticals be it production, marketing or sales expansion.

Q: What is your vision for the company in coming 20 years from now?

“UMC” with the legacy of ethical business practices attain paradigm of national & international quality standards in all aspect be it manufacturing, R&D facility or customer delight.

Q: As next generation entrepreneur what are the challenges do you perceive?

Challenges are waking calls and keep you alive to improve your methodology. I know they come time to time & will always be, you have to respond as they come with optimum utilisation of your resources to win them. I do not think of them much but greet them as they come to visit me.

Q: What is your view point for the concept of “Make in India” by our honourable Prime Minister?

I fully support his view. This would have been implemented way back but “better late than never”. This is also good chance to meet with international manufacturers locally and a fair chance to show them the ability of our skills as well. This would help for technological advancement and exchange business.

Q: What prospects do you see for the fire & safety industry?

India so far is in infant stage if we talk about fire safety practices. The need is understood. Attention of the authorities has been arrested and lot of changes are taking place. The market has potential and will grow tremendously.  Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas

Q: Do you have any plans for acquisitions?

Not now or any time soon, but yeas it will take place as and when required.

Q: What is the quality policy of your company now, and what structural changes would you like to bring in for further improvement to match with international quality standards?

Our quality policy is asserted by the products we have delivered in the market over decades which have gained the confidence of our esteemed customers in “UMC”. This has become possible because of avant- garde approach of its leaders.

I would like to pay more attention to bring in technical tie-ups with leading international R&D houses.

Not only that we have lot of competent technicians who can contribute tremendously to upgrade & facilitate Indian & international quality standards.  I would certainly like to encourage and facilitate them to set new Indian quality standards to produce international quality products. So that international market approach us and Indian need for quality is catered locally.

Q: What is your view on brand positioning?

Quality complimented by branding.

Branding is communication with target customer segment about the quality of product and services offered by the company.

Q: What promotional strategies you are implementing to enhance in brand value of your company?

We are participating in national and international exhibitions, print media advertisement. We are also tying up with international players to expand the horizon of our offerings to the market.

Q: Any message for our readers?

Quality is an insurance with little higher price with an assurance for the entire life. Decision taken today may be responsible for saving or destroying lives. Select quality over quantity. Maintain your fire safety, rescue equipments as per instruction. Urgency never serves notice. Be safe be happy. Jai Hind 


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