An Interface with Mr. Sandeep Shrivastava General Manager India, POK India.


SandeepQ.1.Could you brief our readers about yourself? What's the success mantra of this wonderful journey?

I joined the company as General manager to cater India & subcontinents market last year and so far, it is wonderful experience to work with the POK Fire Fighting Company. POK is known worldwide for their quality product. I have always been worked with renowned companies and mainly in the Fire & Safety product selling. I always accept the challenging range of products as the one of POK, for me India is an emerging market for POK product and hopefully we able to provide good quality firefighting products to the Fire Industry. POK is global leader in the manufacturing of a wide range of Fire Fighting products which meet the evolution of demanding and progressive industry. POK products are designed for unrivalled quality, reliability & durability.

Q.2.POK has been doing the rounds in the Fire Industry since the last 40 years; could you share with our readers your view of the Fire Industry market in India market?

Since the inception of POK 40 years ago and still giving the innovative Firefighting products to Industry. We carefully understand the requirement and demand of the users and then provide the complete solution at optimum pricing. We offer most comprehensive range of the product range. For more information please visit

POK today exporting products to more than 100 countries worldwide. POK is having worldwide distributors and own employees to provide prompt services to the customers.

Q.3.What is the latest products launched by POK? Could you brief us about their usage & how is it going to benefit the Indian markets?

Recently we have launched DUAL NOZZLE which can be use as water nozzle or foam nozzle without use of any external arrangement. It can be changed to water to foam just sliding the bumper of the nozzle. This is outcome of our R&D who works for the new and innovative product. This is the product none of our competitors having in the world. 

Q.4.What is the initiative taken by POK to be the best in the Indian Fire Safety & Security market

We are having wide range of products Hand Held Nozzle, Portable Monitors, Oscillating Monitors, Flow Meter, Remote Control Monitors, Foam Trolleys, Foam Nozzles and many more. These all products are now supplied in India. We are here to serve any demand big or small with equal dedication. POK is very serious about the Indian market and having long term plan to serve India Fire Industry. We are now structuring POK India and the distributors network. We are here to give all the supports to users always.

Q.5.What is your market expectations with regards to the new product launches from the Indian Region? What is POK Strategy in India to brand these new products?

POK is French leading company manufacturing Fire Fighting Equipment and having our factory near to Paris. We want to provide the French quality product to Indian Market at very reasonable prices. We have plans which all will depend on the reactions and acceptability of POK products in Indian Market.

Q.6.Brief us about your Global presence & outreach? How is POK positioning itself in the Indian Fire & Security market?

POK is having very good presence worldwide. We are exporting more than 65% of our product to outside of Europe. We serve almost all the continents and exporting in 120 countries. Our fame is well known and recognized. We want to be proactive and offer high quality products and services positioning our self as “First Class” supplier with high tech products.

Q.7. What are your expectations from Fire India Exhibition? What response did you get from visitors & valuable exhibitors?

Fire India is the Key event of India and this is unique opportunity for us to meet and see many of our partners (distributors) and the end users. We are going to exhibit our most of the range at our Booth No A-12. We hope Fire India should able to provide  ample space to meet the maximum visitors.

Q.8. What are your views regards to the latest developments in Smart cities projects and Safe cities missions?, How is POK going to help in making These mission & projects successful?

We are paying lot of attention towards the development in India. POK is ready to provide technical solutions in regard of Fire Fighting Equipment to India.

Q.9. what are the challenges faced by POK  in India & how are you going to out beat those challenges?

One of the main challenge is to properly cover the full of territory of India. India is huge country. Step by step we hope to cater all India to set up the Dealer network so that response time can be minimized. We are extensively visiting to end users and giving demonstration & presentations. Testing of POK products helps our customers to adopt these products.

Q.10. what are the Future Plans of POK for Indian and the Global market?

Performance of POK product is among the best and provide the solutions of the user problem. POK is attentive & serious about Indian market. We are focusing on increasing our visibility in Indian Market. POK will understand the reactions and business outcome from Indian Market and if everything will go smooth and as per our strategy, POK will not hesitate to manufacture few of the products in India. POK R&D constantly working on development of new and innovative products on the basis of feedback we received from the market.

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