An Interface with Mr. Tarun Kabdwal, Product Manager, Teltonika India

1Q. What are the emerging opportunities for Routing segment in India??

The router market in India is projected to reach USD548.02 million by 2020. The market has been experiencing significant growth owing to rising datacenter build outs, and rising penetration of cloud computing and big data solutions. Indian consumers are increasingly shifting towards smartphones and laptops are also driving growth in the market. The anticipated 4G services rollout and shared last mile FTTx are also likely to drive router market in the long run.

Within the enterprise segment, Manufacturing and Natural Resources, and BFSI sectors are amongst the leading contributors to router market in India. With more industry verticals looking forward to strengthen their networking capabilities, market for routers is poised towards significant expansion over the coming years. Considering the rise in competition, businesses need seamless flow of information across their networks to enhance productivity throughout the entire supply chain. As a result, India would surely witness a large number of router deployments over the coming years.

Q. What are the main products in RUT segment in Teltonika India?

Teltonika offers a wide array of networking products that are geared towards the enhancement and enrichment of your enterprise network.

Our products will help you to build solid foundation and stay on a path of perfect networking experience. You can reach to our official website and go through all networking products.

If you miss some product or looking for something special, contact us as we might already know the solution.

Q. Why all Teltonika  routers are 3G or 4G ??

4G LTE connection can be shared to multiple WiFi devices, but also wired devices, and peripherals such as printers, too. This allows you to create a complete temporary/mobile office in virtually any location.

4G is ideal for users unable to get conventional adsl or cable broadband, for example in rural and/or remote areas. This can be further enhanced with 4G antennas. Please call our experts for more information.

Perfect for temporary locations, as an alternative to fixed line broadband solutions. A 4G router is great for exhibitions and trade shows, or for demonstrations requiring an internet connection outside of the office.

4G router can even be installed in buses, trains, or boats, allowing passengers to check e-mail or chat online while commuting or travelling.

Where it is too costly or too impractical to install a hard line, 4G wins hands down. Building sites are a prime example. Operations running from portacabins can remain connected to head office at all the time .

Q. What are the major challenges for your Brand in India and what are your plans to grow RUT segment.?

Well RUT segment of teltonika is at its nascent stage in India, As we know that there is a huge demand of  Routers in industrial and Automotive domain , India  has a huge potential as automation will increase demand of industrial grade routers will grow rapidly .

We are an OEM so I don't think it would be tough for us to deliver a quality product according to customer requirement, Headquarter is investing a lot in RnD and if evevrything  goes according to our plan after 8 quarters we may start our manufacturing  unit in Inda.

We have potential partners across India who have invested in our VEHICLE TRACKING DEVICES from last 8 years and they are excited about our RUT products too.

Q. How you see the growth of IOT business in India

Well, India is Vibrant ecosystem of IOT, increased penetration of affordable devices, combined with cloud computing, analytics and rising consumer expectations is driving the rapid growth of the IOT market. India's IoT market is in initial phase which is expected to grow exponentially over the next six years. The major drivers of this market in India are initiatives taken by the government, growing acceptance of smart applications, and increasing internet penetration across the country.


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