Cheer for Shiva Keshavan, Indian Contestant in Winter Olympics 2018

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Shiva Keshavan is the Indian contestant in Winter Olympics 2018 in the event of Luge. Story of Shiva Keshavan is a story of guts and glory. It's a story, which has changed the narrative of Indian sports; it's a story of determination of an Indian that changed the dictum of Indian achievement in international level.

Luge is a winter sport unknown and having no facilities to play or practice in India. But Shiva Keshavan, a young man from Manali, made remarkable achievements in Asia Cup,

Bronze in 2005 & 2008

Silver in 2009, 2013, 2014 & 2015

Gold in 2011, 2012 & 2016

Now he is preparing for Winter Olympics 2018, to represent India. Cheer him in his endeavour for Olympics Gold. Visit and send him a cheer. Join contest, you may win a Winter Olympics 2018 ticket, and many more exciting prizes.

Cheer4shiva contest is part of non-profit ASPIRE (Alternative Sports promotion for recreation & excellence) initiative, to promote alternative sports for fitness and recreation in country by Mallcom (India) Ltd. Shiva Keshavan is selected & supported by Mallcom (India) Ltd in his sports endeavours.


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