Dahua Technology Hails Union Budget 2018-19
















“The Union Budget presented to the Indian Parliament in New Delhi on February 1, 2018 by our Honorable Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley has many good provisions and positive implications for the security industry. The allocations of Rs. 5.97 lakh crore for infrastructure, Rs. 2.04 lakh crore  for 99 'Smart Cities',  Rs. 3974 cr for MSMEs, the proposed  creation of 10 iconic tourist destinations, training for 50 lakh youths by 2020, 5 lakhs Wi-Fi spots in rural India, dedicated and affordable housing, building of 24 new government medical colleges and hospitals, revamping of 600 railway stations, equipping all trains with Wi-Fi  and CCTV cameras, making corporate tax at the rate of 25 % upto Rs. 250 cr and increase in health, education and social protection all auguring well for our industry and expediting India's growth .

I am also glad to learn that under the budget, the Indian Department of Science & Technology will launch a Mission on Cyber Physical Systems to support establishment of centers of excellence for research, training and skilling in robotics, artificial intelligence, digital manufacturing, big data analysis, quantum communication and internet of things. The Budget has doubled the allocation on 'Digital India' program to Rs 3073 crore in 2018-19.

So, on the whole it is a growth oriented, progressive and favorable budget which will enable all the security solutions providers in India to play an important role in the coming  years,” said Mr.  Robbin Shen, Managing Director, Dahua Technology India Pvt. Ltd


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