Local manufacturer celebrates 110 years of resilience, relevance, and innovation during year-long celebration and employee recognition.

logo 1Haws hosts an event on August 17 to recognize company’s local and international team members, and honor a variety of historical achievements since the turn of the 20th century.

[Sparks, Nevada USA] – With the recent rapid growth of the local market, it’s rare to find an organization with a history that spans more than 10 decades. Since a world without the internet, TV, and flight, Haws has been contributing to and servicing communities with quality hydration and emergency response equipment.
Haws Drinking Faucet Company started in 1906 in Berkeley, California when a local plumber, Luther Haws, was servicing the Berkeley School District and noticed that school children had limited sanitary drinking water options. Luther offered a solution that the school district adopted by inventing the first drinking fountain bubbler using a simple bed stand post ball. During the 1950s, it was brought to the company’s attention that a Chevron plant was purchasing multiple drinking fountain bubbler heads to create their own eye flushing systems, which prompted Haws to create the eyewash station. Today, Haws, with headquarters in West Sparks, is locally owned and operated by 4th generation Haws family members and offers an expanded product line that includes drinking fountains, bottle fillers, large-scale tempering water systems, and portable emergency equipment.

The local ownership, as well as local and international team members are celebrating the organization’s super-centennial with a series of events throughout the year including the recent WCSD STEM drinking fountain design project at Veterans Elementary School and an upcoming employee event on August 17 at Haws headquarters. As global habits and trends have evolved, Haws has simultaneously maintained and leveraged their industry relevance.

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