Mumbai: Five Dead, Nine injured in Fire Accident at Technic Plus One building in Goregaon, Mumbai

1May 31, 2018 , According to eyewitnesses and locals, a huge fire erupted on the seventh floor of the high-rise leading to a panic situation. The officials classified the fire as a level III fire (major).

Smoke being seen emitting from the building in Goregaon.

A major fire broke out at Techniplus one building in Goregaon (E) at around 4.45pm on Sunday killing four and leaving nine including eight firemen from the Mumbai Fire Brigade injured. Eight fire engines and six jumbo water tankers were engaged in battling the blaze.

 Earlier, the death toll was three, however, it rose to four on Monday after one more body was found. A fifth casualty was reported two days later. 

Three of the dead were identified as -Naimuddin Shah, Ram Avatar and Ram Tirathpal. Bodies of Avatar and Tirathpal were recovered from the lift in the building that was stuck between the fourth and fifth floor, officials from the Mumbai Fire Brigade said.

Vishnu relative of Ramtirath Pal ( in the mobile ) shows a photograph in front of Sidharth Hospital. Ramtirath is one of the four who died in yesterdays fire.

A firefighter is treated in an ambulance after he was injured while dousing a fire that broke out on a commercial building in Mumbai. Leaving four dead and nine injured.

“Fire was confined to electric wiring in electric duct of basement with two podiums plus upper 9 storey glass façade building. As the fire is confined to electrical duct smoke and heat travelled in all floor,” said Chief Fire officer PrabhatRahangdale. The building is a commercial property and houses a bank.

The fire engulfed the building with smoke billowing from the second to the eighth floor of the glass facade building.

Rahangdale added, “One of our fireman, Suresh Arte attached to Andheri Fire station was injured during the rescue operation and is being treated for smoke inhalation currently. Besides Arte, seven other fireman are being treated for smoke inhalation. The MFB team managed rescue nine people from the building including Wasim (30) and Naimuddin Shah (28) from the building. Shah, however was declared dead on arrival by Siddharth hospital.

Abdul Wahid ( third from Right ) a survivor from yesterdays fire in the suburbs. He escaped from the eigth floor of the building)

According to eyewitnesses and locals the fire erupted on seventh floor of the building leading to smoke billowing from the second floor of the building upto the eighth floor. The officials classified the fire as a level III (major).

A worker who inhaled the toxic smoke is being treated inside an ambulance present at the site.

However the exact location could not be established as yet Mumbai Fire Brigade officials said. Around three people were trapped in the building during the incident. The glass facade building consists of a basement and two podiums. All injured are being treated at Siddharth hospital in Goregaon.

The cooling operation is in process.

81m ladder used 1st time to rescue worker stranded on seventh floor

For the first time since it was commissioned last year, an 81m hydraulic platform was put to use on Sunday to rescue a labourer who was stranded on seventh floor of the Goregaoncommercial complex that caught fire.

"While the ladder was taken along on various fire calls over the past year, this was the first time we used it," said a fire official.

After a video of the labourer pleading for help from fire officials who were standing below started making rounds on Monday, citizens questioned the delay in rescuing him. In the video, the labourer can be seen standing at the edge and waving through the broken glass facade.

Local BJP corporator Deepak Thakur said that when he reached the spot around 4.30pm, he spotted the man seeking help. "He was brought down only around 6.30pm. There was a problem in fetching the ladder to the spot sooner. The man was gesturing that he would jump off. Had the fire gone out of control, it could have been life threatening," said Thakur.

Fire brigade's chief fire officer PS Rahangdale said that the 81m hydraulic platform had to be called in from Borivli. "There was traffic on the way and hence, it was delayed. But once it arrived, we brought him down in 30 minutes."

The 81m ladder was purchased for Rs 15 crore from a Finland-based company,BrontoSkyliftOy Ab. The 81m ladder was brought in to bridge the gap between the 70m and 90m one that was commissioned in 2015.


Three firemen in ICU: Are Mumbai firefighters provided safety?

 Firemen Firemen try to douse the fire at Goregaon on Sunday

The searing fire at the Techniplex-I Complex in Goregaon has exposed the dangers that firefighters in Mumbai are subjected to. Five firemen were hospitalised after they complained of breathlessness due to the smoke.

Three firemen were admitted to the Intensive care unit after their situation worsened on Monday. Shivaji Mandale, Motiram Bandgar and Shreeram Nahare are still admitted in the ICU.

The incident has thrown light on the issue of firemen safety. Several other incidents in the past have compromised the safety of firemen.

In 2008, Kavita Mohite lost her brother due to the delay in hospital admission by 6 hours while removing a car trapped under the tree branches.

"The higher authority should make changes in the standard operating procedure. Firemen should be provided good training and enough safety measures before going to any mission. However, instead of working on their flaws they always try to bury their mistakes," said Mohite.

In 2009, six firemen from the Wagle Estate fire station in Thane died due to suffocation inside a lift of Punarvasu building in Samata Nagar while dousing a fire in a 14th floor flat.

In 2014, A major fire broke out on 21 st floor of 22 storey building Lotus Business Park, in Andheri where fire fighter NitinYevlekar loses his life due to suffocation during the rescue operation and 20 others were injured while dousing a major fire.

Firemen currently serving attribute bad equipment as the primary cause of firemen falling victim to fire hazards. "The glass facade and redundant fire safety equipments in the building caused the problem," said SK Sawant, Fire officer at Dharavi fire station.


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