Surveillance Market in India

sehgal1. How do you see the growth of surveillance market in India?

India's security solutions market has grown manifold in the past few years. We are witnessing a constant growth trend which is predicted to grow by 25-30% over the next five years.

2. What are the upcoming technologies in the security solutions market?

The security market is experience an upward trend in upcoming technologies. We at Sparsh have successfully introduced contemporary trends in the surveillance market with Cloud surveillance. We have recently introduced an Indian cloud computing platform, developed indigenously in India. Remote monitoring, Wi-Fi integrated solutions and customized solutions for specific verticals are some of the upcoming technologies in the security solutions market developed by Sparsh. These aid in solutions such as ANPR, critical infrastructure, border security etc.

3. What are the unique security solutions you provide to your customers to retain them?

At Sparsh, we focus on customized solutions, catering individual needs of our customers.

India's education security solutions market has grown manifold in the past few years. With the requirement for Smart cities, there is a growing need for Smart schools as well. Delhi government has initiated the setting up of IP cameras in all government schools not only for security purposes but for teacher quality assessment as well. We have integrated IP cameras technology with biometric attendance system and PA system, within our customized and user central solutions, to assess the quality of teachers in government schools.

Our recent project at a toll plaza enables automatic tolling using our customized ANPR solution.

4. How the Smart cities project to drive video surveillance market in India?

The key to smart cities is safe and secure cities. In order to be “Smart', cities first need to be “safer”. Video surveillance is the path towards this goal. Social issues like women safety can be tackled only through effective and increased video surveillance around which security rests. Currently, only 100 Indian cities have been announced as Smart city projects which will eventually rise, increasing the reach of the video surveillance market in India. These projects can then be implemented in smaller towns as well.

5. How do you see the role of CCTV cameras and Central Monitoring System (CMS) solutions for your business?

Unless we don't monitor our systems, we won't get productivity. Central Monitoring System(CMS) solution is a tool for analysis and evaluation of our business. For e.g. In the retail sector, CCTV cameras and Central Monitoring System(CMS) solutions can help provide remote access to multiple stores (locations). This will also help banks and ATMs spanning cities to access all locations. From a business perspective, CCTV cameras help maintain surveillance and influence customer behaviour as good as a “beware of dog” signpost. People tend to change their behaviour under the constant presence of a CCTV camera.


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