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9 Arguments in Favor of Electronic Security Systems for your Business

Professional Electronic Security Systems have saved billions of dollars since their invention and implementation in residential and business environments. Thanks to Marie Brow, inventor of video home security systems; Augustus Russel Pope, creator of burglar alarm systems; John R. Wiegand, inventor of the magnetic effect used in early technology access cards and many other great minds, today we can be fully protected by the Integrated Electronic Security Systems.

Some of the electronic security systems that you should consider for your business are CCTV Security Cameras, Security Alarm Systems, and Access Control Systems.

Here are the nine most important reasons why you must install electronic security on your premises:

1.Assets Protection

Electronic security is one of the cheapest prevention measures to protect your business and personal assets such as money, furniture and even intellectual property being under strict non-disclosure conditions. In simple words, electronic security will protect you from both external and internal theft.

Referring to the Kroll Annual Global Theft Report, theft and fraudulent actions remain mainly an inside job. The 2016 figures show that 60% of fraud is committed by personnel. One way to prevent fraud is to have evidence against it and start using CCTV Security Cameras.

2.Safe work place

Having an alarm system in place will reassure your employees that they are safe during both their day and night shifts. It will give them a peace of mind and control of the situation in case of emergencies related to intrusion on the property occur.

3.Instant security updates

Modern electronic security systems can be accessed through different electronic devices such as computers, tablets or mobile phones. With novel technology and cloud systems, you can be aware of the situation wherever you are: at home, on vacation, or commuting. With instant security alerts on your phone, you can find out about a security breach within seconds.

4.Protection when premises unattended

Modern technology implemented in electronic security systems allow you to travel for longer periods of time. Complex security codes and accessibility to CCTV Security Cameras anywhere in the world can help protect your business information and assets while you’re travelling.

5.Conflict resolution

Integrated security systems including CCTV security cameras, access control systems, security alarms and security officers can provide important evidence whether a problem arises in the workplace, regardless if it is an internal or external robbery break-ins.

6.Value for money

Better safe than sorry. Better spend a few hundred dollars than lose thousands. Electronic Security Systems provide value for money and peace of mind.

7.Internal theft control

If your employees are doing the wrong thing, not following instructions and failing to complete the work given, then security surveillance cameras are useful in this situation. CCTV Security system cameras are must-have devices. Putting these devices near a cash counter or where employees are often stationed are a good preventative measure to control internal theft.

8.Monitoring high-risk areas

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras may be placed in areas where risk is high. You can install these cameras in places that are vulnerable to vandalism, theft or break ins. People with bad intentions like to target vulnerable areas of your premises, such as those that are poorly lit and look like they have not been well maintained. It gives the perception that those areas are not viewed or seldom attended. These are the ideal hiding spots or viewing spots for them to monitor your business. Why wouldn’t you monitor them through CCTV security cameras instead?!

9.Automation and analytics

New CCTV technology performs advanced threat detection through facial recognition and spotting potential criminals. Analytical reports and automated systems represent a refined use of resources, making it easier for humans to control any emergency situations.

We’d like to quote Southern Cross Group COO and well-known international security expert, Scott Taylor: “A lot of electronic security systems are relatively cheap, relatively easy to action yet are effective elements of improving the overall security for your premises so therefore it is time and money well spent.

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