FIREMEN: Your worst day is our everyday – Firefighters save hearts and home.

Fire safety rules in public buildings, including hospitals. Over the past few weeks there have been deadly fires in hospital buildings, including those treating COVID-19 patients, compounding what is already a severe crisis that the country is facing. Fires breaking out in buildings,  big and small across India is not a new phenomenon. What are the laws and regulations regarding fire safety and how much or how little various State governments comply with them? We need to try and answer the question of whether these incidents have been avoided with better compliance of the laws and what can be done in the future to prevent them.

Fire is a danger that can impact entire communities. Each year around the world many people die, thousands are injured, and billions of Money are lost as a result of fire. To combat these significant losses, fire is using science and technology to make our world safer from fire.

In terms of Fire and safety it refers to all the methods, precautions and training that are undertaken either to prevent a fire, control one or efficiently dealing with it to minimize loss of life and property. Fire safety is a vital part of every building that’s constructed. Usually the rules differs country or region wise as well as based on types of building like homes, commercial spaces or factories where combustible fuel is stored.  Threat to fire safety is termed as fire hazard. It refers to a situation that includes the chances of a place being prone to fire or a place where it’s easy for the fire to spread once started and difficult to extinguish due to lack of proper safety measures. Fire protection engineers work for an important purpose: to protect the environment, property, and most importantly, people, from the dangers of fire.

 “All men are created equal, then a few become firemen. Firemen: your worst day is our everyday. Firefighters save hearts and homes”.

I would like to End by offering my heartfelt condolences to the families who lost the loved ones in the spate of recent Hospital Fire tragedies that Happened last Month especially the Oxygen Leak in Nashik, May the families get the strength to come out through this loss. I would also like to offer my deepest sympathy to those Indian families of victims who lost their near and dear ones in the Pandemic Second Wave that Struck India like a huge bold of lightning and claimed many lives due to the scarcity of Oxygen, May god give the strength to fight through and overcome the loss as  as days pass by.  My Deep Sad condolence to those who also lost their property in the Forest Fire in Mizoram may all the families get the strength to overcome this disaster.

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