An Exclusive Interview with Mr. M. Nadeem Siddiqui, Export Director, NAFFCO

1Q. Sir would you introduce yourself to our readers and let the readers know about yourself and the company you're working, your designation and your entire life experience.

Mr. M. Nadeem Siddiqui – I am working as an Export Director with NAFFCO and based in their global headquarters in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, U.A.E. I am working in this company over 3 decades now and seen company growing from 10 people to 13,000 people now around the globe and with more than 6.5 mln sq. feet of manufacturing only in U.A.E

Our Vision is “To be the world's no. 1 provider of innovative solutions in protecting life, environment and property. Working towards our vision today NAFFCO is known as a global leader in providing total solution on Fire Detection, Fire Protection – active and passive and Fire and special purpose Vehicles under one roof.

Under the guidance of our CEO – Eng. Khaled Al Khatib we have been able to spread NAFFCO presence with high end quality listed products such as UL/FM/LPCB/ Kitemark in more than 100 countries across the globe.

At the moment I am playing an instrumental role together with our Executive  Director – Mr. Ali Al Khatib to make NAFFCO an Indigenous brand in emerging markets such as India, Malaysia and Far East Asian countries.

Q. Yes. So like with regards to NAFFCO what are the new products that you have launched in the Indian Market?

Mr. M. Nadeem Siddiqui-  Some of the key innovative products we have launched in Indian market are:

  1. UL Listed and FM approved Fire Pump sets with Cloud system for 24×7 maintenance and monitoring.
  2. SHIELD 24×7 – Monitoring system under IOT for upcoming smart cities in India. We have already been awarded as best innovation product in 2017 by Fire India jury team.
  3. Firefighting drones – to fight fire at heights above 300 meter and slum areas. We have already been awarded the most prestigious SHIELD award by SECONA for this product this year.
  4. Multi patient – Multi stretcher box type Ambulances – equipped with lifesaving equipment and to handle mass causalities.
  5. Extendable Mobile Hospitals

Q. What do you have to say about the, you know that the Dubai Government has introduced of installing smoke detectors in every household of Dubai, I just came to know about that recently.

Mr. M. Nadeem Siddiqui- Yes, that's a great initiative taken by Dubai Civil Defence. A little precaution can  save life and property. As we say precaution is better than cure. So installing a smoke detector in every household in Dubai is actually a precaution to save life.

Imagine you are sleeping in your bedroom and your kitchen catches fire. With the presence of smoke detector – you will get an immediate alarm, and you can save yours and your family life.

Such initiatives I am sure our Indian Civil Defence is also working on and taken much more safety measures specially after cases like KAMLA MILLS fire.

Q. What do you have to say about NAFFCO, I guess it's two or three years it's launched in India, so how you'll have contributed towards the Indian Society?

Mr. M. Nadeem Siddiqui- India globally is recognized as the fastest growing and the largest emerging market in the world.

We have started NAFFCO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED on Nov. 2016 after getting 2x660MW – NTPC Super Critical Thermal Power Plant – Khargoan, M.P as FDPS package contractor, since then we have continuously been  expanding our Indian operations rapidly

Today to serve Indian market we have expanded our offices to Delhi, Noida, Mumbai and Hyderabad and targeting to spread across Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore in the second phase. Also  our factory in India is operational  under flagship program of Indian government MAKE IN INDIA.

So very soon you will find in the local market  Innovative and high quality NAFFCO products made in India.

We are targeting to serve India with products which are environment friendly and reducing carbon footprints and also quality listed innovative products as mentioned above.

As per our CEO's vision we are focused to educate people on importance of Fire & Safety and use of quality listed life-saving products. So we are going to bring a big change within Indian community by communicating the importance of quality listed products and system together with the support of our Indian Civil Defense and NBC.

Q. What do you have to say about your products and their outreach you'll are getting from the Indian Market from the time you'll have launched in the subcontinent?

Mr. M. Nadeem Siddiqui- We are always focused on producing products and getting it approved by organizations such as UL/FM/LPCB and BSI, which ensure high end performance parameters under tough conditions and gives a peace of mind to end user that in case of fire NAFFCO is there to save you and your property.

From Indian manufacturing plant we are targeting to serve PAN India and in addition SAARC countries.

Q. What is NAFFCO doing to educate the people of India with regards to the life safety and the fire safety?

Mr. M. Nadeem Siddiqui- In Middle East region we represent NFPA and offer various NFPA standards training courses . In India we are planning to educate people on life safety and fire safety products under guidance of Indian Fire Chiefs, Directors and Ministry of Home Affairs.

Already we are offering complimentary training to the end user on our products and system in case SITC job is offered to us.

We have plans to organize our own seminars and invite top most consultants and Fire Chiefs as speakers together with our engineering experts to share knowledge with Indian architects, builders and PSUs on the importance and inventions of Life and Fire Safety.

Q. What do you have to say about the National Building Code, how is NAFFCO going to give a better benefit to the National Building Code?

Mr. M. Nadeem Siddiqui- India is one the fastest growing market, so the challenges are also of dynamic nature. With Smart Cities on cards, high rise steel structure buildings, Power plants, infrastructure growth on fast pace NBC definitely is playing a great role in updating Fire Safety standards of future India.

We are always keen to support NBC with our experience with Western countries where such infrastructures  already exist and new technologies and innovations or safety codes are in use and tested.

Q. So, what more do you have to say about the fire and safety exhibition in India?

Mr. M. Nadeem Siddiqui-  We are always focused on such events as this gives us a chance to showcase Indian fire fraternity and community the Innovations we have for SMART INDIA.


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