An Interface with Mr. Harsha Joshi (Chairman) Prolite Autoglo Ltd.

PROLITEMr. Harsha Joshi  CEO of “Prolite Autoglo Ltd.”, caught up by  Mr. N K Gupta {Group Editor} “Fire & Safety” magazines  and got his views and ideas on Exigency and escape route safety. Prolite remains a global name in emergency lighting and signages with a focus on Exigency/evacuation in times of blackouts, power failures or similar mishaps where people get trapped in enclosed places. Mr. Harsha Joshi is the founder and leading light of the company .

Dear Mr. Joshi our readers want to know about your company “PROLITE AUTOGLO LTD.” could you please enlighten us on the same?

I established my business in1984, with Emergency Lighting at its core and have come a long way since then. I always dreamed of doing something different and challenging, and am reasonably satisfied to see that brand Prolite has reached a height where it is being demanded not only in India but in International markets also. We are an ISO 9001:2008 and CRISIL Certified; many of our products are CE certified as well. We have wide network  of dealers PAN India today.

What are the overall business activities of your company?

We are essentially pioneers in the field of Emergency/ Egress lighting, photoluminescent signages and we manufacture and maintain a huge range of similar safety oriented products for all occasions and customer needs. Over a period of time, we have opened our offices in various parts of the country likeDelhi,Bangalore, Baroda, Pune,Kolkata etc. Our head office is in Mumbai and almost all important decisions and policy issues are formulated and finalized in Mumbai.

Being in the field of Emergency/Egress Lighting Systems, after sales service is an important aspect of our work culture. We have our trained engineers active throughout the country to provide after sales service to the satisfaction of our customers.

Tell us something about the Fire Safety market in India and what are your most popular products today?

Our Indian economy is growing very fast and lots of MNCs are coming in. With growing awareness, people are realising the importance of safety products such as our Autoglo Way Finding Systems and Prolite Emergency Escape Route Lighting. They are coming to terms with the fact that expenditure incurred on the safety and security of people is equally important as are expenses incurred in aesthetics. Hence, these are in great demand.

How do you keep your brand updated in the market?

Our brand is approved by most consultants, Architects and decision makers in the industry because we are particular in keeping step with the times to upgrade and improve. However, it's also true that we have to keep our brand updated through engagement with people all the time. We participate in many seminars and exhibitions within India and outside to educate and inform people about the vital importance of safety and security and promote our brand. Today, Prolite has become a recognized name in the global market.

As Emergency Lighting is essentially about technology, we lay special emphasis on R&D.

In order to stay on top, we continuously look to better our products, develop new products and innovate.

What is your product portfolio and how are your products useful?

A popular slogan says “when there is no light there has to be PROLITE” and when you have to find an escape way out there has to be “AUTOGLO”. We feel so content and satisfied when we hear such comments; feels like all our hard work over the years has been recognized.

In “PROLITE” we have Emergency Lighting Systems/Exit Lights/ Emergency Conversion Kits/Spot Lights / Search Lights etc.

In “AUTOGLO” we have Safety Signages/ Signs/ Tapes/ Route Markers/ Escape Plans/ Safety Posters/Low Location Lighting Solutions.

Our Products are a must in all Residential/ Commercial complexes, Industrial/ Public and Private locations as they play an important role in speedy and emergency evacuation from enclosed premises to safe areas in case of accidents or mishaps.

Tell us your agenda on improving Prolite's position in India and the business benefits you are looking forward to?

Today, Prolite is at a strong position but yes, to hold on to that position our team has to work with dedication 24×7. We have earned the support and approval from most Architects / Contractors / Consultants in the business without which we would never have achieved such huge success.

We are investing heavily in training our after sales services staff who get opportunities to interact with our customers directly,and are indirectly the face of theCompany. Almost 2 to 3 percent of our budget is spent on R&D and manufacturing / designing of new products.

We always look forward to interact with new and existing clientele to enhance our business performance. We are trying to expand our horizons through our strong network of dealers/distributors through our branches across India.

I had ventured in to emergency lighting when people were reluctant to come into this field. My only motto is 'Work hard and believe in yourself' because of which here I am today, giving an interview to all you good people. I just believe in working and the benefits follow naturally.



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