An Interface with Mr. Prasad Gangavkar MD & CEO, ELCOM Door Communications (I) Pvt. Ltd.

1Q. Could you brief our readers about yourself?

ELCOM Door Communication (I) Pvt. Ltd. (ELCOM India) is manufacturing door phones since 1996 with German Technology and design in India.

Powered by the German technology and our in-house innovation of 1+n, elbus, i2 Bus and 4W technologies, door phone systems DORKOM made by ELCOM are the most reliable, technologically advanced and long lasting door phones in India – ideal solution for every home, villa or multi-apartment.

Q. ELCOM India has been the best brand in Video Door Phones Field; could you share with our readers the success mantra of this wonderful journey?

When we started in 1996, we had to educate the public/customers about the functionality of door phones: the visitor rings the bell, can talk and be seen by the flat owner who can decide or not to let him in by releasing automatically the door lock. This was a completely new concept as usually in India doors were open.

Over the years, we have developed customized video door phones systems for the Indian market taking into account its specific requirements like power backup, SOS function, anti-vandal metal door stations.

Based in South Gujarat, we started with Mumbai as main market. Meanwhile, we have expanded in all major metros with a vast network of dealers.

Q. What is the latest products launched by ELCOM India? Could you brief us about their usage & how is it going to benefit the Indian markets?

Our latest offering is a VDP kits under the brand name DORKOM for up to 4 users (analog technology with 4 wires). It targets the low-cost segment, but still is a feature-rich product with integration of cctv, alarm, memory and more functions.

The IP-based door stations, which are SIP enabled, allows visitors to connect to the home owner directly on his mobile.

Also we launched IP video door phone kit which enables the video door phone to connect to the mobile of the owner if the call is not picked up from the indoor unit.

Multi apartment system, analog and digital, SIP based IP system.VDP indoor units are available in 3.5 and 7 inches screen size.

Special model VMO 730 is a 7 inch VDP integrated with telephone which can be used as door phone as well as intercom by all apartment users

Q. How do you find the Security market in India? Name a single product where you hold the maximum market share in Indian markets?

Our multi apartment system is fast growing due to its quick installation, ease of use and long life.

Q. What is your market expectations with regards to the new product launches from the Indian Region?

We wish to see the market become more mature, the acceptance of products made in India grows and qualified installers and system integrators should offer best products and services to the client. So the trust of customers increases and system awareness and usage increase. This will be a boost to the market.

Q. Brief us about your Global presence & outreach?

We are associated with ELCOM Germany who are leaders in VDP in Germany. Our products reach export Market through our partners.

Q. What are your views regards to the latest developments in Smart cities projects and Safe cities missions?, How is ELCOM Doors going to help in making These mission & projects successful?

A very good initiative of the Government of India to develop smart cities. Our company ELCOM is ready with a complete range of VDP solutions which will provide safety and security to the residents of smart cities and offer increase in comfort and privacy.

Q.  Any special Message for our Readers?

ELCOM India has been producing video door phones and offering home security solutions since 23 years. Our products are known for high quality, ease of use and aesthetics.

Our service team is ready to help you for your configuration at all times. Just try us.


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