An Interface with Mr. Y. D. Wadaskar, Managing Director, Wyse Biometrics Systems Pvt. Ltd.

1Q. Could you brief our readers about WYSE BIOMETRICS SYSTEMS?

WYSE Biometrics Systems Pvt Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certified company, is in the vanguards of developing security solutions for various Industries. WYSE started its operations in 1993 with designing and manufacturing of electronic authentication devices and custom made electronics products. Its entry was marked by Sentry Hardware Lock, and then went on to develop an entire range of software protection devices with different applications. After the success of its critically acclaimed Sentry hardware lock, WYSE has forayed into the revolutionary field of biometrics.

Since 2002, WYSE entered in the field of Biometrics and launched India’s first indigenously developed fingerprint reader, and since then WYSE is actively working in development of innovative and cost effective products. Currently WYSE has expertise in Employee Management System, weapon, canteen & visitor management system. With its cloud based Time Attendance, Leave and Payroll Services, HR tasks have become easier and hassle free.

We have earned invaluable experience in these real life projects under Indian and foreign working environments, which made a considerable impact on the quality and reliability of its core hardware technology and software algorithms. Our products are deployed all over India and are being exported to African and Middle East countries. We have very reputed Corporate, Government and Defense clients, as our prime customers.

Q. Wyse Biometrics has been the best brand in Biometrics Field; could you share with our readers the success mantra of this wonderful journey?

This year we celebrate 25 years of successful technological development of WYSE. This has only been possible because of our wonderful and most importantly “efficient” team. We have an enthusiastic software team, who is responsible for developing and maintaining our software applications. Our R&D team never runs out of creative ideas to develop new reliable and cost effective products, whereas our production unit makes sure to execute these ideas according to our set quality standards. On the front end we have our dedicated support which caters to the customer needs and a management team who runs our business not only smoothly but keeps it soaring high.

Q. What are the latest products launched by Wyse? Could you brief us about their usage & how is it going to benefit the Indian markets?

BLUETOOTH ACCESS COTROL – Bluetooth technology is used as a medium of wireless communication for “Smart Homes” scenarios and scenarios where security and access control is important. The developed system will be capable of interacting and being controlled by the end client through software applications on mobile devices. Establishing communication with the system will be quite simple as well as cost effective, since the universal key for these access points can be managed by client’s mobile device. In addition, the developed software will be offered in order to provide a friendly interface to allow the system administrator to manage the control unit (e.g., edition of authenticated clients) giving an added value to Bluetooth system and to the mobile devices integrating this technology.

Visitor management is the process of maintaining a record of everyone who enters your any building or a school or offices. A visitor can essentially be anyone who is not a regular full-time employee like a consultants, vendors, suppliers, salesmen, etc.

And — let’s be realistic — nobody wants to look old-fashioned, especially when it comes to technology. You want to look innovative and modern. You want to project yourself to the world that you’re on the cutting edge.

Design philosophy behind developing the Smart Visitor Management System is to establish the two way communication between the visitor & the Host to comfort and ease the operation in order to reduce unproductive time and energy spent to enter the visitor information, generate the photo pass etc. Our solution is unique as it provides the entire solution from hardware to reports under single roof.

Q. Any other products?

  • Cloud based Attendance, Leave & Payroll management system
  • Sentry Hardware Lock to protect unauthorized duplication of valuable software packages.
  • BioSentry Android, a tablet based attendance device
  • Canteen management to provide a meal count
  • Weapon management to monitor weapons

Q. Any special Message for our Readers?

Security industry is vulnerable to emotional attack. Most of the time people get deceived by

some fool manipulations. Do not spend money unnecessary. Check the authenticity, evaluate the

depth & take concrete action.


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