An Interface with Ms. Sathvika Gupta, (Director, Sathvika Fire Services)

Tell a brief about yourself and the road to success?

I am Sathvika Gupta here I am daughter of Gumedelli Vinodkumar currently working as director of Sathvika fire services it’s my fathers company ..
About myself I’m the first Asian brown women to do level seven in safety..
Pls find the attached image for further information for 1st question, Also worked for government of London nhs as health and safety officer, Pls note I’m 25 years old.

What’s is the feeling to be recognised as the best women Fire Safety officer?

I’m not just fire Safety officer but I’m health and safety officer it means I deal with all the different kinds of safety of all the industries and it’s not easy as level seven officer is also considered as doctor as we need to keep ourselves updated with all current issues learning rules, regulations, acts, norms etc and act accordingly and it’s more about responsibility and trust matter of life and property saving upstreaming safety in India gives me lot of happiness the satisfaction that I get when I know I helped someone save themselves during any situation and level seven even includes physiology so we act according to the individual and organisation prospective.

What Inspired you to choose this career path of Firefighting and Safety?

My father Gummidelly Vinod Kumar he started his life by just rifilling the extinguishers and I use to go around with him on his Chetak to have fun and see his struggle and his knowledge to try to spread safety inspired me before doing any safety course before even giving any training class I choose fashion designg I was successfully got chance as stylist designers for magazines covers, film industry but I never got that satisfaction which I use to get after giving an evacuation program please note I entered this safety field at 16 years gave my training’s from than without any certificate but that when I realised that it should be proper as many industries , safety company name themselves as proper and earn lakhs through there training services without any proper qualifications really made me feel bad as I charge basic like transportation and food for training’s as i feel it’s my responsibility to take care of my fellow citizens by sharing knowledge saving life’s I feel as a sister to my Indian army I may not be there but yes I salute them through serving my citizens as they at board to save us from other countries.

What is your role and responsibilities and your job profile at your work?

I’m currently working as one of the directors for my fathers company Sathvika Fire Services I take care of HR, training, consulting, public relations, auditing, risk assessments and most importantly decision making for the company.

If not a Safety or Firefighter what would you have chosen to become?

As said before I would be a successful fashion stylist along with fashion detective and journalist definitely in Italy or Paris not in India but my love towards upstreaming safety in India made me get back to India leaving my highly paid jobs and working for basic standerd of living

Between I even worked for Milan fashion week in Milan in background in 2019 when I went for masters in safety got a chance for 10 days in my summer holidays.

Any final Message for Inspiring Women to take up to firefighting and Safety as their Career?

Women should definitely come in and take up career as we are the only one who’s capable of everything and working on field is not difficult as we are meant to b mess free and known for planning and implementing and an add on please don’t forget that we are very good at predicting and organising though right now there are 50 women in India no one has proper masters I mean level 7 in India I would recommend u to please study futher so that we can spread authentic information related to.


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