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Avians is a pioneer in creating and designing automated industrial doors and loading bay solutions for almost every kind of industry. We incorporate our expertise to meet every requirement of our clients. Motorised Gates are an economical but effective automated entrance solutions. Imported Italian make robust electronic motor and controls are used for superior performance, eliminating manual efforts. Various safety devices are available to make sure that gates meet the highest safety standards. Avians automatic motorised sliding gates come in various patterns and design as per a customer's requirements.

Avians Motorised Sliding Gates

These Motorised Sliding gates are designed and engineered to provide high securities against unauthorized vehicle access; it works on a simple but effective mechanism of Rack and Pinion by sliding on either side of the opening. Rack and Pinion are such designed to have smooth mashing and minimum load on the drive. These gates slide by means of bottom heavy duty rollers over a bright bar on a high load capacity I Beams rails smoothly through high precision guide rollers and bearings. These gates are operated with bottom mounted electrically operated motorised system. The gates are also designed to withstand wind resistant and corrosion proof with galvanising process. Smart and advance drives, controls are perfectly harmonized to guarantee ease of assembling and programming. Gates can be operated manually in case of power failure.

Avians Motorised Cantilever Sliding Gates

These gates are a new value-added product in the range of standard sliding gates. Made with modern technology and improved reverse motion mechanism, cantilever sliding gates have a better operation, functioning and appearance. These gates are introduced with an aim to overcome the shortcomings of standard sliding gates and grow in terms of new trend and modern technology. Our Cantilever Sliding Gates are such supported that the roadway is free of track and supported by rollers which slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate. Entire weight of the unsupported moving gate panel is carried by imported rollers. The obvious advantage of cantilever sliding gates is that opening remains trackless for heavy movement of vehicles. Normally these are used in material gates. Various patterns and designs are available as per the customized requirement. These gates have the highest speed upto 0.4 m/s & clear opening up to 13 mtrs with 200 operations in 24 hours.

Avians Motorised Telescopic Sliding Gates

Telescopic sliding gate system is the perfect solution for extra wide opening areas and wherein there is very less or no run-back for single side sliding arrangement to install the conventional sliding gates. These are manufactured in multiple gate panels thus reducing required back run/parking space. With multiple leaves moving simultaneous, the opening speed of the gate increases drastically. Each telescopic gate panel will move at a different speed so that the final position is reached simultaneously, operated by specially design telescopic mechanism. The telescopic gates can be personalized and are manufactured to specific site requirements; they are suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications. These gates can be synchronized with safety and operational accessories. These gates can be operated in Bi-parting mechanism to suit site conditions.

Though various telescopic gates are installed, 32 meters clear opening x 2.4 meters height ornamental design gate is the highest size executed in two panels. Each panel is of 18 meters moves in synchronization with each other.

Avians Motorised Sliding Folding Gates

There are situations where a gate installation is necessary for large opening dimensions and where additional parking is not available at all. In such situations, Avians provides the solution  with its in-house manufactured product – Sliding Folding gate. Our folding gates have great advantages when it comes to its operating characteristics. These gates are totally automatic but can be operated manually in case of power failure they can be installed to a varied size of openings. These gates while operating first slide & then fold to save the parking space. Though various gates installed 16 mtrs bi-parting clear opening is biggest size executed.

With both single and bi-parting option made of strong metal surfaces, the improvisations made in folding gates in the form of various safety and signaling accessories have enabled us to achieve a better, durable, less noisy and easy operational opening.

Avians Motorised Swing Gates

Swing gates are probably the most popular and widely used of all, as they present well and are very functional. They are ideal where driveway access is critical. The gates can be designed to swing either inward or outward. We manufacture a precision range of automatic swing gates in different compact designs, tolerances and are extremely easy to install. These are specifically designed to suit all architectural designs and are provided with a self-locking electric-mechanical operator. Ideally, our all automatic swing gates are set up on a structural metal frame; good quality pivots (hinges) or wheels. Drives can be mounted either above or underground as per requirement.

What makes Avians Motorised Gates stand out?

Avians Gates are CE certified; make sure that every part of the automated industrial gate is built with elegance and high efficacy. These gates can be in MS, GI, SS, Hot deep Galvanised with designs industrial, customised & ornamentals. Gates are designed to offer high efficiency in harsh conditions; drives are designed to have smooth operations over the years.

Through in house quality checks at every stage & lab testing for various mechanical/chemical parameters makes sure that gates offers best operations. By integrating various safe & operational accessories further safety can be added. Avians has developed SCADA programme to formulate motorised gates to operate and monitor from centralised control room where no of gates are more & safety is major concern. Through Scada one can see & control all gates operations even spread within a multi KMS distance & various data can be stored.

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