Common Injuries that occur to feet when safety shoes are not used at work:

  • Crushed feet, broken bones and fingers loss. Such injuries are the most common in  the  construction  sector,  but  they  also  occur  commonly  in  the forestry and fishing sectors.
  • Cuts to the feet. If you work in the presence of nails, blades or scrap metal and you don’t wear safety shoes, you take this risk.
  • Cuts, lacerations and severed fingers are common accidents for who works with tools like chainsaws.
  • Burns and contamination. These can be caused by chemicals or sprays of molten metal.
  • Electric shock: this risk is higher for electricians and maintenance workers.
  • Sprains and fractures can occur in any workplace, and are normally caused by work routine or bad falls.

Safety Shoes at the workplace are a protection

More and more countries are embracing the mandatory safety shoes standards, in order to guarantee protection at the workplace, and thus to increase the importance of wearing safety shoes at work.

Warrior brand of Boots and Shoes with protective toecap, for example, are designed  to  protect  the  upper  part  of  the  feet.  There  are  shoes  with anti-vibration and ankle protection that provide further support. Moreover, puncture- and are available on the market too.

With so many types of safety shoes and boots available in Warrior range, there is no reason not to protect your feet, regardless of your work environment. Working in a place where health and safety are adequately controlled should be a priority for any worker. Be it a factory, an office, a building site or any place, health and safety should never be taken lightly. In order to guarantee maximum safety while performing your tasks you should always wear Warrior brand of safety shoe.

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