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Protection matters

Today, people spend about 90 percent of their lives in buildings – not just their own residence, but also offices, production facilities, data centers, banks, schools and universities, hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, shopping malls, airports, metro and railway stations. These buildings need perfect protection. Innovative and sophisticated approaches are required to manage safety of the building, its assets, and its occupants.

In today’s world, ensuring life safety and business continuity is just as important as being able to react quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements, customer needs and emerging risks. Thinking ahead is particularly important for fire safety. New business processes, drops in system performance or increased operational costs due to increased maintenance requirements or false alarms can call for more modern protective measures, with state-of-the-art detection, alarming, evacuation, extinguishing and building management systems to meet today and future standards,

A well-planned safety system is mission critical as an emergency is never planned. Fire protection system of a building always needs to be ready to react as detecting fire as soon as possible has its obvious advantages. A complex building structure should be equipped with a danger management system which is capable of handling incidents centrally. Redundancy of a system helps in minimizing downtime. Building operators who have the responsibility to manage geographically spread facilities should be able to monitor and stay connected with their facilities all the time. Maintenance and responsiveness of the system is another crucial element of fire protection. An integrated solution that can combine early and reliable detection, evacuation and extinguishing is the real requirement of complex building structures.

The detection technology is available for a wide range of applications and distinguishes between real and deceptive phenomena and avoids creating panics with false alarms. The latest in the UL technology is the designing of the system with class X wiring that provides isolation technology. This allows the system to continue to operate normally, even signaling the exact location of a short circuit on the display and sounding an alarm in case of a detected emergency. This feature provides real-time wire fault location reporting, reduced maintenance, and increased protection against short circuits for a more reliable life safety system.

Alarms and warning systems help to get people away from the fire and to warn them early about the presence of fire via acoustic alarms and spoken instructions. It helps in evacuating people from an endangered area to a place of safety while ensuring that evacuation routes are safe and smoke-free.  The system also helps in providing real-time incident information to first responders and the fire brigade.

New-age danger management systems are flexible and customizable to respond to life safety events faster and with more information than other platforms with built in intelligence for next steps in emergency situations. They provide an integrated management platform covering standard systems for fire safety, intrusion detection and video surveillance.

In today’s digital era, remote monitoring has enabled continuous monitoring of several places at the same time. With the assisted treatment of alarms and a graphical user interface, your operational costs are optimized and productivity is enhanced. This results in better protection of lives, assets and business continuity.

Cloud based web portal allows clients to remotely access their installed base 24/7, with fire system information continuously sent to the cloud. Real-time monitoring enables incidents to be immediately sent to the web portal and via email or text if an alarm or other system events occur. In addition, the portal’s dashboard provides an overview of multi-site fire protection systems that are often geographically dispersed. This cloud connectivity allows service providers to arrive on site well prepared and building operators to access the system for increased transparency and business continuity.

These smart Apps now make annual on-site detector testing easier. It helps simplify detector testing workflows and generates testing reports quickly. A single technician can test each detector, with optional text-to-speech verification, and confirm that the right detector is shown at the panel. Having just one person conduct all the work reduces the time and effort needed for periodic maintenance and testing.

Cybersecurity is shaping digitalization – through security. In today’s ever-changing threat landscape, it is necessary to safeguard the critical infrastructure and sensitive information of the organization. The aim is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and trustworthiness of all internal company information of our customers as well as the security of the products we develop is protected.

When it comes to protecting lives, assets and business continuity, selecting the right technologies and solutions matters the most. Smart and protected buildings support the way people live – happily, comfortably, sustainably and in harmony. It also supports the way we want industry and organizations to be – efficient, considerate, and intelligent. Technology and the ingenuity of people come together to be at one with our environments and to care for our world and its people.


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