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Fire can be a threat to all of us at any time at any place, but taking simple precautions and being prepared can help to keep us safe. Fire Safety at workplace is must and its Employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of personnel at place of work as they are the real assets for any organization. Fire Safety Training in the workplace provides a sense of preparedness for employees and adds to the overall health of the organization. There are many training programs to teach relevant up-to-date knowledge and awareness of potential emergencies in the workplace and to provide workers with the skills and confidence to deal with such situations. The knowledge and skills learnt by workers can prove invaluable in avoiding potential incidents. Employees can learn how to use emergency prevention equipment, operate emergency control equipment and correctly implement an emergency evacuation. Training can be modified specifically to organization’s needs, ensuring that fire teams and first response units have the most up-to-date and professionally accurate training possible. It also provides participants with the skills and knowledge to prevent and respond to emergency situations in the workplace. This is  ‘must’ for all organizations that want to equip their employees with the expert knowledge needed in a first response emergency situation.

When a man becomes a fireman his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished.  What he does after that is all in the line of work. All men are created equal, then a few become firemen. Firemen: your worst day is our everyday. Firefighters save hearts and homes.

After a successful participation. We begin this month by participating in the OSH South India Expo Where the Best of the Safety Industry Manufacturers and Distributors and the SAFE Expo Show where the Plethora of Security honchos from around India will exhibit the best of security technology will make their presence felt in the Chennai trade centre.

We were also part of the biggest Fire and Rescue Exhibition Interschutz held in Hannover Germany after 7  Years this time, This event is the Mecca of Fire & Disaster Show where the entire Galaxy of Fire & rescue Clientele will be present under one roof. Coming July we will be part of the International Police Expo this two day Event held in the Capital will be an interactive platform where the police representatives of different nations and policing equipment’s suppliers can meet their business opportunities related to police fitness, training, protection and rescue equipment’s.

After the Super successful event in Surat Gujarat Held in May Month Team “Fire & Safety” Monthly Publications Proudly  will go ahead with  –  Bharat Safety Yatra  a Zonal Series  of Safety Seminars along with “Safe India Hero Plus Awards” scheduled  for, 7th July @ Aurangabad & Marathwada,  Jamnagar, Chandigarh, as Pre Show for our SafeTech Awards & Conference which is Finalised for 25th August 2022 @ Hotel Taj Mahal Gateway of India Mumbai. That  will be attended by 600 to 750 Safety officers, EHS Head, OSH & HR Personal of Different Giants / Factories / Fat Industries, work units along with Gracious Presence of DISH Authorities or Safety / Chief Safety Inspector.

We always look forward to grasp these magnificent opportunities participating, distributing and circulating our esteem magazines.

We heartily thank all our patrons for recognizing our endeavor and considering us as one of the noteworthy publications all through this years and still continuing…….


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