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Even though 2022 has come and gone, it left behind many heartfelt memories and concluded with a tragedy that shocked the world with a terrifying natural calamity. In addition, the Indian Fire Services had a fantastic year despite losing four heroic firefighter members in Maharashtra. May God provide these people’s families the fortitude to endure this loss, and may the upcoming year be lucky and happy for them. We will be attending numerous trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions in 2023, and we will also host our third grand Safetech Awards at the Hotel Taj Mahal Palace on September 1st of that year. In addition, we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our illustrious magazines that cover the fields of Fire Safety Security and Disaster.

The failure of the fire extinguisher and inadequate safety measures for the firemen while they are on the field are common occurrences that firemen have to deal with. A broken horse, damaged pipes, and rusted out nozzles, as well as a lack of rescue tools and correct dimensions ladders It is important to evaluate how well each of these pieces of equipment is maintained, as well as how many of each piece of equipment there should be. Fire safety plans are essential to have because they give fire fighters access to vital information about a facility they may have to enter. Fire safety plans are also necessary. Using this, firefighters may identify and steer clear of potential threats such flammable chemicals and storage facilities for hazardous materials (hazmat). Technology is essential to ensuring safety. The Fire Fighters must embrace new technology and make the most of it. The rigorous testing procedure every new innovation has to go through before being put in the hands of a Firefighter has made the fire industry known for reaching new heights.

“Get out quick, before the smoke gets thick, Old fire-fighters never die, they just stop arson around. .Fire fighting is one of the most essential services of an organized society”.

Following a successful participation in IFSEC India, the largest security event in all of India, one of the country’s major security expos. where we distributed and circulated our publications to every trade visitor and exhibitor, achieving our maximum outreach around the exhibition, and had an excellent reaction. We’ll play the part once more this month. This month, we travel to Dubai to take part in the biggest fire safety and security expo in the Middle East, THE INTERSEC Dubai 2023, which will feature the best customers in the history of the sector. Therefore, everyone is urged to stop by our stall to pick up the most recent edition of our esteemed magazines. We anticipate being enthralled by these events.

We always look forward to grasp these magnificent opportunities participating, distributing and circulating our esteem magazines.

We heartily thank all our patrons for recognizing our endeavour and considering us as one of the noteworthy publications all through these years and still continuing…….


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