FAQs on new code IS:16018, Wheeled Fire Extinguishers with LIFEGUARD- United Fire Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

1Q. Why IS: 16018, new BIS Standard for Wheeled Fire Extinguishers is introduced?

IS 16018:2012 for Wheeled Fire Extinguisher is introduced to replace the previous different codes for all Trolley mounted Fire Extinguishers bringing all of them in one united BIS standard code to be followed that elaborates construction, performance & testing each type of Fire Extinguisher for different classes of fire. It is just like previous introduction of IS: 15683 for Portable Fire Extinguishers implemented in the year 2012 replacing all other different BIS codes that were being used earlier, and this time it is for Trolley mounted fire extinguishers to Wheeled Fire Extinguishers.

Q. This is the replacement of which BIS codes?

IS: 16018 for Wheeled Fire Extinguishers basically supersedes the previous BIS codes for Trolley Mounted Fire Extinguishers of Powder, Water, Foam, CO2 & Twin CO2 i.e. IS 10658:1999, IS 13385: 1992, IS 13386: 1992, IS 2878:2004 & IS 8149:1994 respectively.

Q. What are the new things in this code which are different from the previous versions of the code?

Firstly, there are many new updated features in the lately implemented BIS code, and the key feature among them is controlled discharge valve type nozzle.

Other significant change is its design that allows no involvement of wheels at its rest position unlike previous Trolley mounted Fire Extinguishers that used to rest on its wheel making it little difficult while operating.

Another one is Labelling; it has little edge over the former BIS code. It even enables an individual to distinguish the type of Extinguisher according to its colour coding on its label just like portable fire extinguishers.

Some other salient features also include introduction of Stored Pressure type Wheeled Fire Extinguishers with specially designed valve to easily discharge the expellant and as the cylinder will be pressurized already unlike the Gas Cartridge & Outer CO2 type Fire Extinguishers that requires trained personnel to operate.

Also, this latest code allows Clean Agent & Water-mist Wheeled Fire Extinguishers which were not available earlier under any IS Standard.

Capacities available under recent code which are now available are as follows:-

2Q. Does it change the way the extinguishers were operated?

With new features of Wheeled Fire Extinguishers, an individual will be able to operate the Fire Extinguisher on one's own which was little difficult in previous versions of Trolley Mounted Fire Extinguishers. As its controlled discharge valve feature is provided by giving a shut off valve at nozzle itself, that means now one doesn't need to shut off or pause the discharge from the valve of Fire Extinguisher; rather he or she can easily control it through the discharge nozzle while Extinguisher valve is open.

Q. Departments like Defence, Marine, CPWD, PWD, CIDCO, MHADA, Railways, DDA, MCD, NDMC, Delhi Jal Board, etc. are already demanding/ asking for products of previous code; what is the correct way to replace such products from market which are already prevalent & demanded currently?

It is very typical question, whereas the answer lies in the question only that the departments shall be using the products which were being manufactured earlier whereas the manufacturers has to produce products as per the latest specifications of IS:16018. For this the approving authority Bureau of Indian Standards has released a public circular regarding IS:16018 superseding all the previous IS codes for Trolley mounted Fire Extinguishers, now which doesn't allow manufacturers to manufacture previous IS standard Trolley Mounted Fire Extinguishers. The same circular can be issued to department & offer newly introduced Wheeled Fire Extinguishers.

Q. How awareness of the code is being done in the market?

Any new thing will take time to get all things right at its place. We as a manufacturer are providing information through many channels. Our entire dealer / distribution network are made clear regarding the same whereas the marketing team is doing their job and making most of the departments aware about the same. Product Catalogue of LIFEGUARD is updated with technical specifications and product images as per the new standard which is being distributed and is also available on our website www.lifeguardindia.in

Q. The code was drafted in 2012, why its implementation took so much time? Why awareness about the same is not prevalent in the market?

Code may be drafted even before that, but the codes itself is tested many times to ensure its authenticity & feasibility for implementation, many amendments for the same were also introduced in implementing stage, but awareness will only take place when the code is implemented and products are out in market for its final use which is done recently.




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