“Fire defense is a self defense. Kill Fire before it kills you.

The fire risk is based on human behavior and on the determinants of a safe evacuation of occupants during a fire. Many fires in buildings have shown that the behavior of occupants is important for the survival of a building fire. The concept of fire risk can be defined as the probability of a fire causing a loss of life (or injury) and/or damage to property. Human behavior is defined as actions that people take, based on the perception of the situation, the intentions for actions and the considerations before the actions are carried out. Occupants are in the first stage of a fire primarily thrown on their own resources or on those of surrounding people. The behavior of people in the first stage of a fire is the most determining factor for survival. An additional significant factor is the availability of fire safety measures, for example fire extinguishers and accessible escape routes. The assistance of professional emergency services, such as rescue operations conducted by firefighters and emergency treatment by paramedics, can only be provided just after the first, and most important, period of a fire.  The most crucial aspect of a building’s safety in the face of fire is the possibility of safe escape. An important precondition is that its fire safety facilities enable independent and adequate fire response performances by the building’s occupants; it appears that the measures currently required by law do not always provide the support that people in burning buildings need. Consequently, understanding how individuals behave in the case of fire and fire evacuation is essential if we are to bring fire safety measures into line with occupants needs during an incident. Human Behaviour in a fire so far as building safety is concerned as an overview of the critical factors which determine occupants fire response performances, namely the characteristics of fire, human beings and buildings.  Therefore, the possibility of surviving a fire is determined on the fire response performance of people.

If we were to look at accidents overall and do a statistical study of all mishaps whether on road, rail, sea, home or office we would certainly find that fire is the most frequent villain. Fire accidents, forest fires, vehicle combustion accidents etc. account for the lion’s share of loss of life and limb as well as property globally. Which is why we have a fire brigade but not a road accident brigade, a fall from height brigade, a slipping on banana peel brigade or any other brigade for that matter?

We like to offer our Heartfelt deepest Condolences for the families who lost their loved ones due to the various Fire Tragedies in our Country, Accept my Sympathy to those families who lost their homes and also their near and dear ones during the 2 Cyclonic storms Tautkea and Yaas that struck the West and East Coast of India during the Month of may

 “Fire defense is a self defense. Kill Fire before it kills you. Fire loss is a national loss”

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