Fire Fighter’s Contribution – Combating Covid-19 PANDEMIC

All of us will certainly agree that current COVID-19 crisis called for a complete paradigm shift in public and occupational health policies and processes. Whatever has happened is beyond our imagination. Now we need to understand, practices which were normal earlier will no longer be normal. It is a time to redefine our concept of “accepted practices” and need to go ahead.

“Rustomjee” is one of the leading real estate companies in India with strong commitment towards health and safety. We always believe that Health & Safety is top driven concept and because of their commitment and vision, Health & safety is very well implemented across the organisation. Coming to COVID -19 preparations, there were clear directives from our top management that unless all the required precautions are taken across organisation, work will not be started.

Accordingly, following are few important precautions adopted across organisation, 

  • Only those workers who are staying at the site are allowed to work.
  • To have better control and to ensure 100% implementation of all the required precautions, we have adopted only one entry/one exit policy.
  • Hand washing arrangement is made near the entrance.
  • Thermal scanning of every person is mandatory at main gate before entering the premises. Any person, if exceeds predetermined temperature, is sent back and advice to refer the doctor.
  • Hands sanitisation of every worker before his entry.
  • Social distancing is maintained while working.
  • Display of various posters to enhance COVID-19 awareness.
  • Face masks is compulsory without which work is not allotted.
  • Daily briefing to workers for COVID-19 precautions.
  • Medical check-up of workers on every alternate day.
  • Food arrangement at all the project sites and every worker is given separate plates and water bottle to avoid sharing.
  • Quarantine facility is made as a part of our preparedness.
  • Regular disinfection of the project sites, offices and vehicles available.
  • Mobiles are not allowed for workers.

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