Fire Fighter’s Contribution – Combating Covid-19 PANDEMIC

Today, the corona virus has spread across the country in large numbers, and not a single corner of the world has been left untreated, leaving countless civilians dead and every state terrified by the corona. That’s how corona infection started in India in March Therefore, showing punctuality, the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi immediately imposed a public curfew On March 22, a public curfew was imposed to break the chain of the corona, after which people started doing it in all the states of India Was implemented so that the spread of corona could be stopped by following the social distancing.

After that, every administration faced the serious question of what should be done now to prevent the spread of corona. In our Ambernath municipality The Chief officer called a meeting to discuss the measures to be taken to prevent the spread of Corona in the cities of Ambernath.

In this meeting, after the instructions given by the Chief officer  along with the Health Department, I noticed that in order to prevent the spread of this issue in all the cities Immediate spraying can prevent the outbreak But as I noticed that the health department did not have a system available immediately for spraying, I told the chief officer that I was spraying all over the city using a fire truck, so I asked for sodium chloride.

After receiving Sodium Hypo Chloride, I formed a team of four to five employees, including Leading Fireman Laxman Bhangre, Prakash Farad, Daji Ram Patil, Jalindar Ban, who worked faithfully in the fire department. And went to 57 wards from March 27 to April 27 in the morning  From 8.00 am to 7.00 pm in every ward, in every corner, each road ,railway station Bazar Peth Chowk Hospital and sprayed all over the city.

The fact that the number of corona affected in Mumbai and Mumbai region Ambernath is still much less than in other cities means that firefighters have been spraying 40 to 42 degrees Celsius throughout the day for 30 consecutive days.


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