Fire Rated Shutter

Brief Description of the Product

For protecting premises during fires, economically, safely & efficiently fire rated shutter is the best closing systems. To prevent damage and protecting life has never been so easy. This is result of Avians rigorous engineering & pain taken in R&D to make Indian manufactured product successful. There is no specific time to take fire & when a fire event happens, there is no bigger concern than protecting life. Avians fire rated rolling shutter acts as compartment between two premises to stop the spreading of fire. Avians In house manufactured after long R & D, advanced engineering technology and design make India’s first & leading manufacturers. Our fire rated shutters not only help to prevent loss of life but by creating partitions will help to prevent property damage by stopping fire from spreading.

Fire rated shutter is engineered in such a way that it cannot be just dead asset to be used in case of fire but can be of everyday use like regular shutter. This can be of any color to match the aesthetics instead of earlier traditional RED color. Its ease in engineering concept, installation & maintenance makes very popular in manufacturing, commercial industries. By integrating with fire detection devices, smoke detectors or building management systems will operate all fire shutters to close automatically.

Special feature & advantages

There was one major glitch in bringing buying and installing Fire rated Shutters in a factory or warehouse. These were initially imported from Europe and coasted exorbitantly high for a lot of customers. The doors were not manufactured by any other company as it needed different set of skills and knowledge to start manufacturing them.

India is a developing country and is rapidly growing in terms of industries. Avians started with the regular automated doors and loading bay solutions but gradually started manufacturing high-end automated doors and loading bay solutions. Avians started acquiring the expertise with constant study of technology. Since these products were then imported, product delivery time and cost was an issue for many. In addition, these products were manufactured as per their own standards and requirements irrespective of what the clients here in India actually required. Avians devised a game-changing plan in this domain. Fire rated shutters by Avians are designed with advanced technology and knowledge, keeping in mind the safety standards and extremities. It also customizes the products according to the customer’s requirements after a detailed study of the situation by the experts.

Earlier shutters was tested in India at CBRI & found fire leakage through guides & top cover. Avians deeply studied reasons behind failure & found that guide & top bracket assembly needs to be changed. Then product was redesigned & tested again at world renowned Warrington UK Lab.

BS 476- Warrington, UK Testing Procedure

The test was therefore conducted in accordance with clause of BS 476: Part 22: 1987 Method for determining the fire resistance of non load-bearing elements of construction”.

The shutter was designed & manufactured at Avians Pune factory & single specimen was sent to UK for testing. Shutter was face mounted to a masonry wall construction such that the barrel assembly was exposed to the heating conditions of the test. At Warrington Avians team has installed the shutter at the testing oven. The specimen was judges on its ability to comply with performance criteria for integrity, as required by BS 476: part 22: 1978, clause 8

The furnace was controlled so that its mean temperature complied with the requirements of BS 476: part 20: 1987, clause 8 using thermocouples distributed over a surface as per BS requirements. During testing maximum temperature was started from 0 deg initially & gradually increased up to 1055 deg C. It is required to mention here that Shutter was at temperature above 1000 deg from 90 minutes till end of testing. It was major achievement. Test was carried out for 261 minutes and was discontinued after 261 minutes, and found that not fire is escaped out of shutter.

After successful completion Warrington has issued certificate consisting of entire shutter specifications, individual part drawing, dimensions, photographs of each hour testing, Radiation intensity at a specific distance etc.

Avians is also known for its post sales services. It makes sure that every product that they have installed works according to promised standards. Avians aim to bring technical advancement and a better future to all work places.

Products Highlights

  • Fire Rated Rolling Shutters like regular shutters are geared motor driven electrically operated shutters.
  • These shutters act as a barrier & prevent fire to spread from one area to another area in case of fire takes place.
  • These fire rated rolling shutters are designed to stay open under normal circumstances, and closes automatically in the event of a fire by means of Fusible link.
  • The fusible links melt at 68° C, which triggers the fire rolling shutters to close automatically in the event of a fire.
  • These shutters are structured and constructed to prevent the spread of fire to adjoining areas by providing complete sealing.
  • All components are made from High Grade Steel
  • Available in maximum size of 7 m (width) x 7 m (Height)
  • Confirms Standard BS 476 Part 22
  • Up to 4 Hours Fire Withstand Capacity
  • Certified by Exova Warrington, UK
  • Newly Designed G type guide to provide complete sealing
  • Easy to integrate with Smoke detector, Fire Alarm & BMS


Avians Innovations Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the segment of automatic doors & loading bay equipments. The parent company A. Mathurbhai was started in 1982 with a manufacturing and development center, which gradually grew with strong expertise, hard work & loyal clientele to transform into Avians Innovations Technology in 2007. Headquartered at the core of Pune’s industrial and automotive area (PCMC), Avians has an 85,000 sq. ft. facility which includes plant & warehouse facility, administrative office, application & training center. With a state-of-the art establishment, backed by hi-end technology, an advanced suite of tools and machinery we are optimizing the production capacity  and address bulk order requirements of Indian and international clients. To maximize our efficiency and capacity we are also coming up with a new manufacturing facility with a capacity of 1, 20,000 sq. ft. area in Pune’s biggest industrial area Chakan MIDC. Avians Warrington certified Fire rated rolling shutters and other entrance products are known to several leading renowned brands in the industry.



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