FLAIM Trainer & Extinguisher : The World’s First immersive technology enabled Firefighting Training Solution

Firefighters have limited opportunity for live fire training. Due to various limitations, such as limited structures & capacity, cost of replicating a live firefighting grounds, risk to life and health of the trainees & the environmental harm due to CO2 emissions & water usage, it is not feasible to create live environments for training. The questions then arise, including their decision making process, tactical skills, strategy, experience regarding extreme scenarios & their personal safety.

BRIJBASI Training Academy is proud to partner with DARLEY (USA) & FLAIM (Australia) to introduce one of a kind unique Virtual Reality Firefighter Trainer that can help to train our firefighters perfectly. FLAIM technology is a result of 10 years of extensive R&D and collaboration with Deakin University, Australia. The fire models created by FLAIM use real physics principle, running at impressive virtual reality frame rates.

FLAIM trainer comprises of a VR Headset, PC backpack designed in the shape of an SCBA set, heat vest consisting of heat pads which increase the temperature according to the firefighting, breathing mask sensor which catches respiration & fatigue data, fire proximity suit, live force feedback hose reel, nozzle and an iPad and tracking sensors. All these components   work in perfect unison to create a virtual training experience for the firefighters. The SCBA is connected to the VR headset, which serves as an output source for the firefighters. The nozzle is connected to the hose reel, which rewinds itself replicating the water pressure, providing the resistance force during firefighting. The SCBA is also connected wirelessly to an HDMI receiver, connected to a screen where the trainer & others can view the exact same scenes as the firefighter.

The Firefighter puts on the heat vest, SCBA set and the headset, and is then handed the nozzle. The instructor then, with his iPad, can select an environment and a scenario, with parameters like difficulty levels, water pressure and the choice of suppressant to be used. After selecting the scenario, the firefighter gets a callout, to give him the brief idea of the scenario. The scenarios vary, from a petrol station, Boeing 777, airport, bushfires, refineries, residential, dockyard, mines, transport etc. The firefighter, using his various techniques learned in classroom, attempts to put out the fire. After the completion of the scenario, the trainer can look and analyze the trainee’s performance, and store it in a library.

Apart from the advantages regarding environment & setup costs, the firefighters are more prepared for real life scenarios, and more experienced regarding the fire behavior in various environments, choice of suppressants and the tactics which will be used for various situations.

Brijbasi, the sole dealer of FLAIM Systems in India, has conducted various demonstrations for the product, at places like Mumbai Fire Brigade, Adani Corporate House, Adani Mundra Port, Cairn India, Rajshree Polyfills, Mumbai Airport, HPCL, with having supplied a unit to JSW Steel, Vijayanagar.

With continued R&D on this product, user feedback and timely updates, the FLAIM trainer has also incorporated VR thermal imaging camera, rescuing the stranded people and various other things into the system.

Along with the FLAIM Trainer, another exciting product developed by the FLAIM systems is the FLAIM Extinguisher.  The extinguisher has been developed on the same principles of real life sciences & virtual reality, as the trainer.

Fire extinguishers are commonly installed at various commercial & residential buildings, however very few people are trained to use them, along with minimal awareness among the staff. Conducting live demonstration is useful, however limitations like number of extinguisher available for training, cost constraints, burning of prop every time for training makes it difficult for every person to get hands on training.

FLAIM Extinguisher consists of a VR Headset, controllers, an empty cylinder & a HDMI receiver. Wearing the headset, a trainee can select various environments like commercial establishment, industries, hospital, residential, transport etc. After selection of the scenario, the trainee has to analyze the fire, and select a suitable extinguisher from the given options, namely, DCP/Water/Wet Chemical Powder /PKP/CO2 which can put it out. Selecting a wrong extinguisher will lead to the fire not being extinguished and prompt a message at the performance report received later. Like real extinguishers, the FLAIM Extinguisher also has a pull pin and a trigger which needs to be squeezed for releasing the suppressant & has a certain volume of suppressant stored, which when used up completely without the fire being extinguished, will lead to the scenario being failed.

The FLAIM Extinguisher can be used to train any number of people, making them aware of the basics and well prepared in case of any emergency. Brijbasi has displayed FLAIM extinguishers at the same places as the Trainer, and the response to both the products was positive, as the system is futuristic and never seen before in India.

Timely updates, fueled by constant R&D, will make these products even better and realistic, and help in preparing personnel for any calamity which may present itself.

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