In conversation with Mr. Sandeep Gurwara, Managing Director: Services International

1Q. Please tell us about the motivation behind Launching Fire India?

Fires are the leading cause of major injuries and deaths in India and around the world. This motivated us to launch a platform which supports and helps reduce this risk and also to help prevent such incidents. We wanted to empower the market so that we are at a better place to prevent such disasters.

The total world market for fire protection business has shown an upwards trend, but the rate varies in different segments and countries. Fire India exhibition and conference is a platform that highlights a state of fire prevention and the measures to reach out promptly to both urban and remote areas

Fire India provides a great platform to conduct business, meet potential buyers and interact with other exhibitors.

The event with extravagant display of the latest innovation inspired security Technology is a must attend.

Q. How do you see the growth of fire industry in India?

In recent times India has witnessed a substantial increase in terms of awareness about fire safety and security.

According to a recent study the fire safety industry in India is expected to cross US dollars 4.9 billion by the year 2019 as economy sees growth, industries are updating their technologies to meet the growing demand of the consumers.

The “make in India” initiative has provided a platform for local as well as international companies to launch new technologies and set up manufacturing units in India.

Overall I see a bright future for the fire and safety industry in India.

Q. Please tell us something about the recent edition of Fire India which will happen in Hyderabad in the month of November.

After the success of the 12th edition of Fire India held at Mumbai in the year 2017 we decided to launch the next edition of Fire India in Hyderabad.

Fire India is the only dedicated show catering to the fire safety industry in India.

The exhibition is most respected event not only in India but overall in the Asia Pacific region. This is mainly through the efforts of our team at Services International Private Limited and the Institution of Fire Engineers (India).

Q. What according to you makes Fire India different from the other shows of similar genre?

Exhibitions and trade fairs provide an excellent opportunity to assess opinions from clients and determine market potential. Fire India provides a unique platform to both Indian and international participants

We provide B2B meetings with fire officials, end users, traders, distributors, etc. During the event the products are presented directly to your prospective clients.

There will also be an international conference on Fire Safety and Disaster Response and Management, which is the biggest and most focused conference.

It will cover a series of interactive sessions on key issues of topical interests to the industry.

Renowned fire service experts, scientist, consultants, RND experts and key industry personnel will present papers from around the world.

Q. What will be your message to the people participating in Fire India 2018?

Services International Private Limited is extremely thankful to all its honorable exhibitors for their unending support and guidance to pave the path for us to offer better services

We warmly welcome delegates from around the world to share their enriching knowledge and ideas with us and finally we would like to thank our visitors who have been supporting us since the inception of the show

I wish the Exhibitors a successful exhibition and hope for a useful discussion at the conference.



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