In-sights by Mr. US Chhillar, General Secretary : Institution of Fire Engineers (India)

1Q. How was the journey of Fire India?

Fire India had its first edition in the year 1994, It was a humble beginning with a space of around 500 sq meters and around 45 exhibitors and gradually since then the show grew consistently and today we have grown to a space of 4000 sq meters and now hosts more than 170 exhibitor from 23 different countries in our last show in Mumbai.

IFE (India) joined hands with Services International to launch Fire India back in the year 1994. The journey has been great and is based on mutual respect and recognition of each other's work to help benefit the Fire and Safety Industry as a whole.

Fire India is the largest show on fire safety in the country and has brought the community together successfully for over 24 years. It is the most preferred show for its exhibitors and visitors. Fire India has received extensive support from the fire and safety community in India and abroad.

Q. Please tell us something about the Institution of Fire Engineers (India).

The Institution of Fire Engineers India was established on the recommendations of the standing fire Advisory Council constituted by the Chief of fire service in India and headed by DG NDRF and CD, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

The institution was founded in the year 1973 as a premier non government organisation NGO and professional body registered under the society's act, 1860 as resolved in one of the meetings held under the chairmanship of the divine home minister, minister of India SH BN Datar, Ministry of Home Affairs. IFC is dedicated to the cause of fire engineers and fire engineering profession. The graduate ship examination conducted by the institution is recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Department of Education, Government of India for appointment to the post of Divisional offices and below in Central and state government and local bodies.

Q. How is Fire India beneficial to the Fire and Safety Industry?

Over the years Fire India has become the only platform in the country showcasing new innovation and Technology it provides a platform for the industry to meet, Network and do business.

Fire India historically caters to the needs of the entire fire community making it an event that you should not miss. Over the years we have been able to create a platform which has proven to be beneficial to both, the industry and the general masses.

We look forward to seeing you in Hyderabad.

Q. The IFE (India) also conducts an International Conference where industry leaders and knowledgeable men share their views on the fire community and also the market trends. Please tell us something about the conference this year?

The Institution of Fire Engineers regularly Ventures to organize the international conference with new flavor of topic s, issues and technologies.

The conference will be organized from 22nd to 23rd of November 2018 at Hitex, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

The international fire India conference held earlier has been very popular and educative among all sections world over.

Technical papers will be presented by eminent professional experts in various fields from various countries. Experts in the field from many international areas will also be presenting lucid papers on various topics.

Q. What is new in this year's International Conference organized by Institution of Fire Engineers?

 This year the institution of Fire Engineers has decided to include disaster response and disaster risk reduction also along with fire safety

The theme of the international conference being held in Hyderabad is “Performance based fire safety design and challenges in disaster response and disaster risk reduction”.

Q. How do you see Hyderabad as a market for fire industry and disaster management Industry?

Hyderabad has been historical City which has evolved as the time went on.

With the construction of Hyderabad Metro, renovation of the International Airport and other major projects undertaken by the government to modernize this city has greatly increased the need for proper fire safety and disaster management set up.

Fire India brings together the major players in these departments under one roof it helps introduce the major players from the country to the emerging startups in Hyderabad and adjoining areas.

Hyderabad has great potential as a market for fire safety and disaster management products and is expected to see exponential growth in the requirement of Fire, safety and disaster management products.

Q. Please share your views on the fire industry in recent times?

Over the last decade, India has witnessed a substantial increase in terms of awareness about fire safety and security. The rapidly expanding IT and retail markets across the country have significantly contributed towards the growth of the fire & safety equipment sector, and this trend is likely to continue over the coming years. As large refineries, petrochemical complexes, biotechnology ventures, pharmaceutical, automobile, steel, oil & gas exploration projects need to comply with various mandatory safety regulation, these segments has been contributing hugely to the growth of the country's fire & safety market.

However, the market potential is still largely untapped due to lack of awareness, stringent regulations and a common perception of fire safety equipment being perceived as an unproductive outlay. A separate fire safety act for each state is yet to come into effect, due to which ground level monitoring is still not rigorous.

India is expected to grow immensely over the coming years. The market revenues of India's fire & safety equipment market are expected to reach USD4.94 billion by the end of 2019.

The market is being driven largely by the small players with restricted regional presence and involved in offering comparable products at lower prices compared to major organized players. The market is set to experience radical growth over the coming years as a result of increasing customer awareness regarding fire safety, security and asset management coupled with implementation of strict state level norms on fire safety

Q. to conclude, what are your expectations from the fire India 2018 in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is an emerging market and has great potential. We wish to introduce this market to the masses and help the industry grow.

We will be having delegates from renowned organizations visiting us and sharing their expertise. The exhibitors will be introduced to new clients and the small industries would find a platform to increase their potential.

This year's Fire India will be a land mark success and will open up future prospects. 


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