Mr. Sajid Khan is now Dr. Sajid Khan!

Sajid Khan has been putting in a lot of efforts to create awareness for fire and safety among his fellow citizens, So to acknowledge his efforts, World Human Rights Protection Commission has honored the Bhopal Muncipal corporation employee, with a Doctorate of Fire and Safety.

This Honorary Doctorate was presented by the International and the National Presidents of the World Human Rights Protection Commission, Dr. Abbhin Kumar and Mr. Tapan Kumar respectively, at the India International centre in New Delhi during a workshop on Human Rights and Covid-19, on 29th November 2020.

During the function, The Ambassador of Mississippi (Panama) Mr. Recordo Virna, Representative of Czech Republic Mr. Hussain Umer Ceedo, Mr. Abdulla Saho  Ambassador of India in Gwana and Mr. Metha Peelo Ambassador of South Africa were in attendance along with the international Secretory of the World Human Rights Protection Association Mr. Fauzia Bakshi and other dignitaries such as Mr. Deep Verma, Mr. Sandeep Marva and many more.


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