PMRDA Pune, Chief Fire Officer Shri. Devendra Potphode Awarded Fire Service Presidential Medal for the second time

On the occasion of 2021 Republic Day of India, the Chief Fire Officer of PMRDA Shri. Devendra Potphode has been announced Presidents  Distinguished Fire service Medal for the year 2021. Earlier in 2011, he was awarded the President’s Medal for Meritorious  Service.

Mr. Devendra Prabhakar Potphode has a long experience of 30 years in the fire service

He is a Gold Medalist from National Fire Service College, Nagpur, Ministry Of Home Affairs, Govt of India.  He has visited the fire services of advanced nations like USA, Germany, Austria, Japan, France, England to study the various systems, equipment and methods in the field of fire. He has successfully carried out various responsibilities at  MIDC Konkan Division  where most of the  highly dangerous flammable, chemical Industries are located.

From 2006 to 2008, as the Chief Fire Officer of Pune City, he had planned a number of public utility and public awareness measures which are acknowledged by the Citizens at larg. He is known as a very experienced, courageous and positive officer in tje field of Fire service

Mr. Potphode was responsible for the overall fire safety of the Common wealth Youth Games,held in Pune  where Representatives from around 71 plus countries participated in the Common wealth Youth Games. The  President of India, The Prime Ministet and many dignitaries were present for the event.

The work done by him and his colleagues in the recent fire accident at Siram Institute, Pune has been appreciated by all.


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