Smart solutions for smart cities

Urbanization is now becoming the most happening global phenomenon. According to the United Nations report, about 68% of the world’s population will reside in urban areas by 2050. More and more people will be migrating to the metro region, putting more pressure on urban planning. Policymakers will need to optimize the management of their communities to create sustainable economic stability. We are living in the age of smart cities where the rapid advancement of connected devices, software systems, and information communications technologies.

The smart city also demands smart security for the safety of residents in all means. Whether it is an airport, railway, or any other public transport area, the smart solution is the need of an hour. A company like Leaptor that offer range of smart solution products under two major categories- Physical Access Systems and Vehicular Access Systems.

Physical Access Systems-

Physical Access System comprises of products, which mainly focuses on the physical protection of information, buildings, installations and other material resources. These systems are designed to bring down the risk of injury or security breach by the third party. At Leaptors, you will find five major products- Turnstiles, Swing Barrier, Flap Barriers, Sliding Barriers and Access Controls. The installation of these items can make the most determined intruder think twice. These smart security solutions by Leaptor is largely installed in commercial areas including metro stations, airport, toll plazas, etc.

Vehicular Access Systems-

Leaptor under its smart security solutions also offers vehicular access system, which is designed to handle all vehicles entering into the zone. The access systems are mostly installed in commercial areas to restrict vehicular access in the checkpoints. Leaptors offer Bollards Boom Barrier Access Control system, which is impact resistant. Leaptor’s Vehicular Access System is highly automated and are power-connected equipment and can be installed at the edge. One can control the vehicle barrier in several ways to make it more easy to use. All the products under Vehicular Access System from Leaptor are easy to deploy, user friendly, designed for users and closed parking, and compatible with access control devices.

The Pursuit of Smart City Security-

When the concept of the smart city emerged, it was time to take the right steps. The implementation of new smart security was challenging. It was not surprising that security in this type of high-end technology was still overlooked. However, in recent times, the smart city trend with a security solution is becoming more deliberate and strategic. Public transport areas are now embedded with smart security systems that make the area more secure than the traditional ones.

Smart Security to make life easy-

Product manufacturers like Leaptor are flooding the market with new “smart security products” to build smart cities secured. Unsecure devices and security solutions are fertile ground for hackers and intruders, causing a breach of security. Smart city security solutions are the collaborative effort of- product manufacturers, standard boards, and gateway providers. This allows making smart city infrastructure strong.

Leaptor is changing the smart security system and each of the product is the result of innovative R&D and high-tech manufacturing facilities.


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