Sujal Shah Sheth, a Far-Sighted Goal-Oriented Business woman and Director of “NewAge Fire Fighting Co Ltd.”

-By Dr. N K Gupta (Our Group Editor)

Founded in 1960, NewAge Fire Fighting Co Ltd, a world class manufacturer of high-quality firefighting equipment and trucks is built and nurtured by two generations of the M K Shah family, as  NewAge has continuously thrived on quality, innovation, developing new products, fulfilling the commitments, and meeting the customer expectations at all stages of the business. NewAge being a dominant player in the fire fighting industry and with its vertical integration

The third generation is now passionate and committed to take NewAge to new heights.

Mrs Sujal Shah Sheth along with her family members is adding new pages to the strongly built empire of NewAge. She took the challenge to maximize the reach of NewAge in the international markets when she joined the business 10+ years ago. Exemplifying as a straightforward, honest, organised, positive, confident and self-motivated, she states that her role as a front – runner in the industry with a leading brand internationally. Since then NewAge has carved a niche in the market by its excellent quality and customer-centric approach at all the times. Having its presence in over 60 countries, NewAge has won many export awards from various bodies. Today the group is catering to more than 60 countries in the world.

With research and development as well as adaptability being the core strengths of NewAge, the group is continuously evolving with the dynamic leadership of Mrs Sujal Shah Sheth.

R&D – Way to Progress in Dynamic Industry

Research & Development are critical operations of NewAge starting from raw material, processing, and technology up to the product. We have a dedicated design and engineering team who constantly thrive to advance the products and keep at par with the changing requirements. Product development is the heart of any product company since the customer demands and trends in the market keep changing with times. It is a must in the ever-changing market dynamics that one keeps pace with the global market and offer something that is current and relevant.

A Sneak peek at the way  2020 went

NewAge stood strong in the face of pandemic and was very quick to adapt the required changes to stay agile. “We do not really grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges. And winning despite the odds is ultimate bliss for any organisation. The lockdown affected all the businesses, and we were no exception. While shutting down the manufacturing units was an economic loss, keeping the employees engaged and safe was a priority for the organisation. Learning even from the pandemic, we were quick to acquire the ability to communicate very effectively with the customer base by bridging the physical gap using the digital resources. This we feel was a great emphasis on sustainability with reduced carbon footprints”, Says Sujal Shah Sheth.

The Future Road for NewAge Fire Fighting Co Ltd –

With continuous strategic focus, and 60+ years of legacy, success and growth are pinned to the future of NewAge is that they are venturing into new domain and initiating more vertical integration which is the highlight for the company..

From Sujal’s Desk

“I am a constant learner and very passionate about my work. You must keep doing your part no matter what it takes. You put your heart and soul into something and patiently wait for things to click. In my experience, this always work.”

In her view, growth of an organisation depends on the development and success of its employees. She Clearly Says’ “Any organisation cannot succeed without the contribution of its people. I strongly believe it is the human resource that is the forerunner of success”. “We are like a big family at work and we happily call ourselves “NewAge Family”.

Leading the NewAge team of hundreds of employees, she constantly emphasizes on adapting to change at every stage of work along with the changing dynamics of the market. Besides the wide product basket, it is the continuous zeal of improvement and fair dealings that makes NewAge a preferred partner for various global brands.

All in one phrase Mrs.Sujal Shah Sheth is all geared up and get set everyready to increase the group’s presence on the global canvas and increase their strength while working on the ultimate goal of making NewAge a one-stop solution for firefighting needs.

Advice for Readers

I feel successful when I can inspire other women to work harder towards achieving their goals. My never say die attitude keeps me driving all the times. I do not let the male-dominated world concern me. I do not think or feel one’s skills or performance are gender centric. Being a woman in a male-dominated industry has never stopped me or affected me.

My advice to women aiming for leadership roles would be “Dream it. Do it. Just do it. There is no thumb rule of success. The only rule is analysing, trying, adapting, keep going ahead. Failure and success are both ongoing journeys. Enjoy what you are doing and make sure you are having fun.”


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