“The Ruth Lee Ltd Success Story and How Manikins Can Transform Your Training”

Hello, my name is Paul McDonnell, and I am the Managing Director at Ruth Lee Ltd, based in North Wales, United Kingdom.

Ruth Lee Ltd has been designing and manufacturing Rescue Training Manikins for a quarter of a century and we produce a range of manikins, designed specifically for different training scenarios.

Our expertise in the manufacture of manikins means that ours is a superior product which have many benefits over hard, rigid plastic manikins. They are weighted to be anatomically correct in relation to weight distribution – they will feel like an unconscious casualty in training. In addition, our quality is second to none – they are tough manikins which can be driven over by a 4×4 or dropped from a second storey window without damage.

Ruth Lee Manikins are used world-wide and are growing in popularity – we currently export 70% of our production internationally, selling manikins to more than 60 countries worldwide through a network of distributors such as ‘Sarvamangala Industries’ here in India.

The Fire and Rescue Service is one of our biggest customers – within the UK alone, 100% of Fire Services across the country use our manikins in training. We also provide manikins to the other emergency services including paramedics and the Coastguard and many manikins are sold to the Military each year. The Navy are the biggest customer for our Water Rescue Manikins.

Our other customers are many and varied – from offshore windfarms and IRATA operators worldwide, to specialist technical rescue teams, lifeguards, and Hospitals. All these teams trust us to provide them with the very best manikin for their specialist training scenarios.

The first manikin was created when Ruth Lee realised there was a need for a robust and lifelike product in the Fire Service. Back in the 80s, Ruth and her husband Ron Lee had a small business repairing Silver Cross Prams and a family friend, who was also a fireman asked Ruth if she could repair an old, homemade dummy he had. Ruth took one look at it and declared she would make something better – and the first Ruth Lee Ltd manikin was born !

Through our connections in the fire service (Ruth’s son Lawrence, who is a Director in the business was also once a fireman), we have grown from one manikin model to a complete range, which are perfectly suited to the demands of firefighter and general safety training.

Our Duty Range Manikin is our standard product which comes in a range of weights and sizes from a 5 Kg baby to a 90 Kg adult. We also make Manikins for hot fire training (Fire House Manikins), water rescue (Man Overboard Manikins), fitness training (Casualty Evacuation Manikin) and technical rescue training (Working at Height Manikins, Confined Space Manikins, Airway Management and CPR Manikins). Our Multi Trauma Manikin is a popular choice for vehicle extrication training, as it comes with a detachable arm and leg to simulate a full or partial amputation, and a cavity in the chest to practise impalement scenarios.

We also produce a range of Bariatric Manikins – as obesity is becoming increasingly an issue across the world, the demand for larger, heavier dummies is growing. Our bariatric manikins weigh in at 90, 180 and 260 Kg, letting you train for some challenging situations. Would your team be confident that they could safely rescue an obese casualty from a small upper floor flat ? Our Manikins let teams develop effective strategies to avoid injury to the patient and the firemen who need to move them. Creating challenging scenarios you might actually face in real life is very important.

Ruth Lee manufactures from two factories in beautiful North Wales and as a family business, we are customer focused and dedicated to making the best possible Manikins to support those who save lives.



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