Warrior: Multi Terrain Professional Gear

Over almost two decade ago India used to import Safety Shoes for workers functioning in challenging environments where they were exposed to the hazards of slippery floors, acids, heavy falling objects, excessive ground heat, electric shocks, and sharp fallen objects.

To put an end to this unnecessary drain on the country’s precious foreign exchange, we, at Liberty, as India’s largest manufacturer of PU footwear, took the initiative to develop an all-terrain professional gear for the feet as per Euro Safety Norms (EN-345) & IS 15298 (Part I &II). The footwear was tested and certified by PFI Pirmaseans of Germany and approved by Footwear Design and Development Institute, Government of India.

Aptly called Warrior, for the way it conquered the hazards of all terrains, it was created using our patented Humantech process and bringing together the best from around the world.

The upper, made from superior leather as per German standard (DIN S3), has a minimum thickness of 2.2 mm. It is breathable, durable and also water resistant for up to 60 mins.

Complete toe protection from heavy falling objects is provided by the German 522 ESJOT alloy toe caps. There is plenty of toe room and so there is no discomfort or fatigue even after long hours of use. The toe caps are tested for energy level of 200 joules.

We have used Italian antistatic insole of 2mm that protects the feet from electric currents ranging between 100 KG Ohms and 1000 Mega Ohms by ensuring static charges developed due to friction between the foot and the leather get automatically discharged to the earth.

The outsole comes in two colors and is made of dual density polyurethane (soft mid sole of 0.45 GMS/CC and outsole of 1-1.20 GM/CC) that makes it extra light, flexible and durable. It is hard (60-65 Shore A), antistatic as well as oil, water, acid, alcohol, heat (up to 120 degrees C) and abrasion resistant.

On specific request, a steel / kevlar insole is provided to protect the feet from sharp objects like nails, etc.

Then there is the VAMP non-woven lining that is made of soft chrome split leather to ensure extra comfort by absorbing sweat and keeping the feet odor-free and cool.

Warrior Professional Gear, molded in 2 different styles – low neck and high neck (ankle) designs, is today widely used by people in different areas of activity…in airports, chemical industry, construction business, defence services, heavy engineering, hotel, mining and railways among others.

The corporate ethos that the safety of the workers cannot be compromised with has led to Warrior being accepted as standard safety norm in top organizations including ONGC, Oil India, NHPC, GAIL, NTPC, PGCIL, Railways, Indian Army, Airforce, Paramilitary Forces, State Police, Maruti, Hyundai, Ford, Tata Motors, Toyota, Renault, Honda, Hero Motors, Escorts,Sonalika, Jindal Steel, among others.

What’s more it is not just in India Warrior Professional Gear has acquired a sound footing even in the overseas market.

We are in the process of developing safety footwear for new application area about which we would be glad to share information with you.


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