An Interface with Eng. Khalid Al Khatib Chief Executive Officer

2Passion to Protect is more than just a slogan, it’s a way of life for NAFFCO.

Q. NAFFCO has been in the Fire & Safety Industry for a huge decade, can you tell our readers about the major achievements & milestones? Could you brief about yourself & the road of this successful journey?

We started with basic fire extinguishers manufacturing and supply and within a span of 3 decades we promote fire safety and security by proving innovative solution all under one roof. Today we manufacture a wide range of world class firefighting equipment, trucks and vehicles, fire pumps and controllers, fire protection systems, passive fire protection, extra low voltage solutions, medical, safety and training and give designing and implementation concepts of Building Management System and Smoke Management System.

Prestigious achievements:-

  1. Tallest tower in the world – BURJ KHALIFA is protected by NAFFCO
  2. Largest manmade island – PALM JUMEIRHA is protected by NAFFCO.
  3. Longest driverless metro train – DUBAI METRO is protected by NAFFCO.
  4. Dubai World Central International Airport – Protected by NAFFCO.
  5. YAS Island – Abu Dhabi – protected by NAFFCO.
  6. Louvre Museum- Abu Dhabi – protected by NAFFCO.

Major Milestones we have achieved in 2017:-

  1. Opened office in India with company name NAFFCO INDIA PVT. LTD.
  2. Got NTPC – India – 2x660MW Thermal Power Plant – as a contractor for complete Fire detection and protection system. 
  3. Opened Office in Malaysia. 
  4. Opened Office in Indonesia.
  5. Opened Office in Bangladesh
  6. Opened Office in Bahrain.

We started with a 11 team member and today we have grown to more than 15,500 team members and in more than 100 countries worldwide.    

Q. How do you Structure your Business Activities? What is the R&D Strategies you keep in mind with regards to the market approach? How do you account your R&D Activities?

Innovative Solutions / Technologies adaptation has been my prime move to always bring NAFFCO to be No.1 provider of Innovative Solutions in protecting life, environment and property.

Q. What are the Key Technological trends that drive your business ahead in the Fire industry?

We follow all International Fire codes including NFPA and adapt to new technologies and trends. Focus has always been to bring in technology environment friendly products which are safe for our planet and people.

Such as:

  1. Eco Barid Green Foam – good for all class of Fire and eco-friendly.
  2. Inert Gas system – IG 55, IG100, IG01 and IG541 – UL listed system.
  3. HFC227e UL/FM approved system.

We also believe that prevention is better than cure and always believe in educating people on how to stay safe and avoid fire hazards by using latest technologies in Passive and Active Fire and the importance of Quality listed products.

Q. How do you Perceive India as a potential Market & What are the prospects you consider to Grow your Business in the Indian & Global market?

India is recognized globally as the fastest growing economy. Fire department in India is working very hard in spreading awareness on Fire Safety and developing codes in line with International codes. We are always standing with our Fire department to work hand in hand to develop a world class quality products and solution to protect old and upcoming developments in India.

We see prospects in all segments of India be it Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Aviation, Health, Defense and Oil and Gas – all segment needs revamp or new systems for fire detection and protection in line with the growing market. We are experienced in continents like Middle East , Europe and Americas and are going to bring latest technologies in India for safer tomorrow and in consultation with Indian Fire Departments.

Q. Could you elaborate about your pioneer products & their portfolio as well as their application in the Fire industry?

All products what we manufacture are an integral and important part of Fire safe strategy.  However some of the pioneer products we have are:

  1. UL/FM approved Fire Water Pump package. We are the only manufacturer in the world manufacturer total Fire water pump package – which includes UL/FM Pumps, Motor, Engine, Fire Pump controllers and major accessories.
  2. UL/FM approved Fire Alarm system.
  3. UL/FM approved HFC227e – complete mechanical as well as electrical package we manufacture.
  4. UL Listed Inert Gas system. We manufacture all four gases IG100, IG55, IG01 and IG541 with our own UL listed filling station.
  5. UL Listed Fire Doors and Hardware. We are the only company who manufacture complete system including our own UL listed hardware.

Q. Can you distinguish the difference between the facts of global market as against the Indian market?

We find Indian market quite challenging and demanding. Challenging due to presence of old buildings or areas which need a revamp on Fire safety and demanding due to India is developing at a fast pace as per International standards. So we need lot of concepts to protect old installations to ensure KAMLA MILLS kind of disaster shouldn't happen in future and in the meantime conceptualize systems for Smart cities on fully automated fire detection and protection systems.

As coming in my mind couple of years back a big fire disaster happened in garment factories of Bangladesh and claimed more than 300 lives. Following the same Bangladesh government and Civil defense approached us where together with their Civil Defense and NFPA we developed a strong Passive fire protection system to avoid such disaster in future.

Q. What you have to say about Intersec Exhibition & What was response are you expecting from the valuable visitors?

We are the founding members of Intersec show and we started this show for not only to showcase what we do but also to take an opportunity through this show to educate people on the new trends and technologies in Fire Safety.

Q. Brief us about your outreach & facilities offered?

We offer total solution under one roof – NAFFCO. Design Engineering, manufacture, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, final approval from Authority having Jurisdiction and training to the end user, including Fire risk analyses.

In India we are offering our complete services and product portfolio. And under Flagship program of Government of India – MAKE IN INDIA we are setting up our manufacturing plant in Greater Noida, U.P in 2018, from where we will serve with world class products of NAFFCO to Indian market.

Q. What is your vision for NAFFCO in coming years?

NAFFCO is committed to be the world's No.1 Provider of Innovative Solutions in Protecting Life, Environment and Property.

Q. What is the Initiative taken by NAFFCO t o Spread the awareness of Fire Prevention & Safety

We are authorized representative of NFPA in the region and conducting certified courses of NFPA. We organize regular seminars for our clients and consultants. We are reaching schools to educate on Fire Safety to the next generation.


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