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How logistics parks can improve efficiency and site security with smart video

Submitted by Prama Hikvision India The leading smart video solutions for logistics parks add several ...
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Fire safety and Security Solutions in Campuses

Integration of security and fire alarms in facility design and emergency response planning is vitally ...
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Fire Officer of Mumbai Fire Brigade Umesh Palande gets President’s Medal for Gallantry

Along with other recipients Dy CFO Yashwant Jadhav, Leading Fireman Tukaram Patil and Fireman Satish ...
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Brief information or biography about Dr. Rakesh Chaturvedi

He is a science Graduate, Master of Business Administration in Disaster Management, Charter Engineer from ...
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Brace Yourselves for the Disasters

It is most effective to have one person in charge of creating the emergency preparedness ...
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World’s First 3 Gas-Group Capability

Coltraco Ultrasonics have designed Permalevel™ Featherweight, a constant monitoring system for CO2, Inert Gases and ...
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