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The only Fire Safety Security Dedicated Publication House publishing 4 monthly magazines on Fire & Safety, Occupational Workmen Safety and Industrial Safety, Security and Surveillance including Cyber Security Since 1998

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Kings Expomedia Ltd. is actively engaged in the publication and printing of periodicals and journals, as well as organizing conferences and exhibitions throughout India since 2017.

At Kings Expomedia Ltd., we take great pride in being the sole publication house worldwide that specializes in producing four monthly magazines dedicated to the field of Safety & Security. This sector plays a crucial role in all industries, and we are committed to delivering comprehensive and precise information in an exemplary manner.

Our unwavering commitment to Safety & Care is consistently showcased to our readers and online viewers month after month, right from the inception of our publications. We have established a distinctive style characterized by enhanced quality and conciseness, ensuring that we cater to the specific needs of our esteemed readers and clients.

Our continued success relies on your valuable appreciation and suggestions. We greatly value your feedback, and we are always open to incorporating your suggestions, creative ideas, and glamorous concepts into our work practices. It is your unwavering support and patronage that have contributed to our achievements thus far.

We extend a warm invitation to you to share your suggestions and ideas with us. Together, we can further enhance our publications and provide an exceptional experience for our readers and clients.