LIFEGUARD Event for reaching 35 year milestone- “CHANGING THE GEARS”

lifeguard“CHANGING THE GEARS” event that was organized for industrial growth & new ideas shared by Fire Safety Experts of the industry by the Team LIFEGUARD. It was remarked as reaching milestone of 35 years of product excellence being catered by the Directors of the Company M/s United Fire Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Since then, mission of becoming country's premier company through their Products & Services to the Fire Industry has been met with innovation, quality & commitment. As the idea of “CHANGING THE GEARS” was suggested in the corporate meeting by experts as identifying the needs & requirements of customers and provide the solutions accordingly by covering First Aid Equipment, Fire Detection & Alarm System, Safety Products including active as well as passive, Evacuation Plan & similar kind of solutions with latest available technology to the industry. They also launched new products that include Fire Aid Box- that contains all necessary products that can help in evacuation while the building is on fire & Weight Surveillance Module- for continuous monitoring & alarming in case of fire for the installed suppression system. “The company also announced scholarship of Rs. 22000/- as 'LIFEGUARD scholar award' with annual contribution to outstanding performance in Sub officer course of Fire."

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