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8th International Police Expo 2023 & 7th India Homeland Security Expo 2023

Countries across the globe are focused on renovating their security infrastructure. India, including other countries, is focusing on technology development and adoption for Police and Armed Forces of India. India is also pivoting its disaster management through new approach imbibed with advanced technology due to India’s recent encounter of disasters.

Meanwhile, security is the utmost priority of the governments of countries as new breed of criminals and terrorists is more tech-savvy nowadays. Geographical conditions and changing of socio-political equations in neighboring nations are further fuelling the security challenge in a big country like India. Apart from Police Forces, this is also a bigger challenge for CAPFs and Indian Armed Forces.    

All of these evolving security challenges can be mitigated and controlled through new technology adoption. The vision of Government of India is poised towards making Indian Police as SMART POLICE is absolutely in right direction keeping the recent and future security challenges in mind.

On the milieu of various security goals, 8th edition of International Police Expo was organized along with 7th India Homeland Security Expo & 4th Drone International Expo. The expo is considered as an instrumental tool for introduction of latest and modern technology for both security up gradation and force modernization. As many as 150+ Indian and other foreign companies have come under one roof to display their achievements in security industries. This is not only a big boost to the Make in India initiative of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi but also opportunity for police and other armed forces to witness world-class weapons and other security equipment, which have been indigenously made.

Exhibitors Highlights:

Over 150+ companies from 20+ countries showcased their disruption mettle in the two day event winning the confidence of over 6000 police, armed, defense and rescue personnel’s

The expo presented a comprehensive display of state-of-the-art ammunition and weapons designed to enhance operational efficiency while ensuring the safety of law enforcement personnel and civilians. State-of-the-art advances in firearms, non-lethal weapons and tactical gear were unveiled, reflecting the on-going commitment to minimizing collateral damage and maximising accuracy during critical operations. Expo brought the innovative technologies, firearms, Anti drone gun, Forensic, Armored Vehicle, Bullet Proof Vests, drones and security equipment for Police, Army, Air -force, Navy, CAPFs and CPOs of India.

The exhibitors showcased very advanced equipment and technologies where audience was quite impressed from them due to level of advancement they carried. Latest technologies from Singapore, Turkey, Slovakia Canada, Israel, USA, Taiwan, UK, Canada, Poland, UAE, Estonia, Korea, Russia and other leading police & defence products manufacturing nations showcased at International Police Expo 2023 & Homeland Security Expo 2023.

Among the standout products on display was the Ashani-0.32 MK-IM pistol, produced by Advance Weapons and Equipment Limited, Defence PSUs, A Government of India Enterprise. Designed as the smallest and most discreet self defense tool, this 660 gram pistol is specially made to empower women to protect themselves with confidence.

eSec Forte Technologies, a leading provider of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Solutions, stood out with the launch of its latest “Make in India” products, DRONA Lab Station, DRONA Kiosk and DRONA Incidence Response kit. DRONA Lab Station is an advanced forensic system, empowering law enforcement agencies with high-performance computing capabilities for rapid digital investigations. Its user-friendly interface allows investigators of all technical backgrounds to navigate seamlessly through the process. DRONA Kiosk,  A portable and compact “Make in India” product offering versatility for urban and remote use. It enables rapid device scanning, aiding Forensic Labs in conducting swift scans before device entry.

Cellebrite Inspector was another game-changer at the expo, offering quick and comprehensive analysis of computer extractions. Examiners around the world rely on its AI-assisted picture and video categorization, powerful filtering, and support for the latest systems for whole disk encryption. By providing a holistic timeline of events, Cellebrite Inspector uncovers the hidden truth behind each case.

Troop Comforts Limited, A Government of India Enterprise, Ministry of Defence, displayed a comprehensive range of niche Equipment such as Bullet Resistant Jacket, Conceivable Vests, and Bullet Resistant Helmet as per BIS Level I for Protection against 9 x 19 mm Ammunitions, Ultra Lightweight Camping Tent for High Altitude Areas, Himveer ECWCS Prototype for Temp upto -50 Degree Celsius, Bullet Resistant Jackets as per BIS Level V, Snow Boots, Rucksacks and Backpacks of varying capacity, Advanced Combat Uniform with new Army Digital Camouflage Pattern with Anti-microbial finish and NIR Camouflage Compliant, Coat Combat (Lighter Pattern), etc.

The Unmanned life Boya by SHREE LALITA is different from the traditional life Boya where you have to throw the ring. This is a remotely operated device that can go up to 800 metres at a speed of 18 kilometres per hour and has a carrying capacity of 200 kgs. It can reach the victim along with the rescuer and bring the victim back to the shore safely.

During expo, Throttle Aerospace Systems (TAS) Pvt Ltd of RattanIndia Enterprises showcased its nimble-i micro-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for the Indian forces. The nimble-i is a multirotor, electric-powered, micro-UAV developed to conduct intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations.

Police needs modern technology for digital forensic, cyber security and advanced forensic technology for the crime investigation. In this section A US company, Zimperium, who claims that it can protect organizations and individuals from Pegasus. Other players like Celebrite from Israel, GMD Soft from Korea, Cyber Armor from UAE, MHC Hardware & Software Trading LLC – UAE, Pelorus Technologies, Forensic Guru, 3rd Eye Techno Solutions etc 

Few other technologies which were also displayed like Telecom Solutions, CBRNE Detection, Ballistic Combat Goggles, Cloud Based Application & Network Intelligence, Thermal Imaging, Night Vision and Infrared Camera, Roto Moulded Military Grade Cases, Handheld Explosive and Drugs Detection, Cyber Security, Data Recovery, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems, Mine Detectors, Small Arms, Safety Shoes, Fire & Rescue Products, Automated Surveillance Drones, Arms & Ammunition, Non-Lethal Tear Smoke Munitions & Traffic Solutions etc…

Visitors Highlights:

The event was attended by more than 6000 delegates comprises of various senior officers like DGPs, ADGPs, IGPs, DIGPs, IPS Officers, Army, Airforce, Coast Guards, NSG Commandos, SPG Commandos, Forensic Lab Scientists, Government Officials, CAPFs, CPOs, SPG, NSG, Parliament Security, DRDO, ISRO, PSUs & Industry Stakeholders etc.

About Organizer:

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