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A Fantastic iteration of “Safe India Hero Plus” Awards marks a successful beginning to the “Bharat Safety Yatra”. We witnessed a huge footfall of safety Dignitaries. Delegates from the Safety Industry were present to grace the memorable event that was held at Auto Cluster on the 26th of April 2022. We awarded 33 winners from Fire dept. and 21 from Private Industry* The Awards Night and Curtain Raiser was Attended by 210 attendees including 150+ top Safety HOD’s & Fire Officers and about 60 top brass Fire officers, DISH Authorities CFO’s from CIDCO, PMRDA, MFB, TATA Motors, Mahindra, Bajaj Auto & Many more Safety & Fire HODs from in and around Pune had made it to the Grand Show.

Fire is a danger that can impact entire communities. Each year around the world many people die, thousands are injured, and billions of Money are lost as a result of fire. To combat these significant losses, fire safety using science and technology can make our world significantly safer from fire. In terms of Fire and safety it refers to all the methods, precautions and training that are undertaken either to prevent a fire, control one or efficiently dealing with it to minimize loss of life and property. Fire safety is a vital part of every building that’s constructed. Usually the rules differs country or region wise as well as based on types of building like homes, commercial spaces or factories where combustible fuel is stored.  Threat to fire safety is termed as fire hazard. It refers to a situation that includes the chances of a place being prone to fire or a place where it’s easy for the fire to spread once started and difficult to extinguish due to lack of proper safety measures. Fire protection engineers work for an important purpose: to protect the environment, property, and most importantly, people, from the dangers of fire.

 “All men are created equal, then a few become firemen. Firemen: your worst day is our everyday. Firefighters save hearts and homes

After the Super successful event in Nashik  and Pune Held Last Month Team “Fire & Safety” Monthly Publications will proudly go ahead with  –  Bharat Safety Yatra, a Zonal Series  of Safety Seminars along with “Safe India Hero Plus Awards” scheduled  for, 22nd May @ Surat,  Jamnagar,  Ankleshwar, Ahmedabad,  Buddi / Shimla,    Bhopal   Solhapur,  Aurangabad,  Ratnagiri / Goa   as Pre Show for our SafeTech Awards & Conference which is Finalised for 26th August 2022 @ Hotel Taj Mahal Gateway of India Mumbai. These events will be attended by 100 to 150 Safety officers, EHS Head, OSH & HR Personal of Different Giants / Factories / Fat Industries, work units along with Gracious Presence of DISH Authorities or Safety / Chief Safety Inspector   – will be given 2 to 3 subjective lectures focused on Different Industrial Safety Subjects with Case Studies Discussions. Following all this will be our prestigious “Safe India Hero Plus Awards” in all cities for Local Fire Fighters of those respected Zones. In these, Fire & Safety Publications Felicitate all the Fire Fighters / Officers from Govt. bodies and Industries nearby, acknowledging their bravery in the line of duty.

We always look forward to grasp these magnificent opportunities participating, distributing and circulating our esteem magazines. 

We heartily thank all our patrons for recognizing our endeavour and considering us as one of the noteworthy publications through these years and still continuing…….


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