Entrance Automation Gets more Secured with Leaptor

LEAPTOR is a registered entity owned by Avians Innovations Technology Pvt Ltd based out of Pune and offers wide range of products from Turnstile, Boom barrier, Flap barriers, swing barriers to Access Control Solutions, These products are designed to create a difference to your secure premises and assures peace of mind to users.

We have the LEAPTOR product series as below which will allow the access for 30-35 people per minute. In limited Access & Highly Security area.


LEAPTOR Turnstiles series are 90 degrees rotating arms to restrict/allow the authorized person. There are tripod- Bridge or Pillar type Variants or the Full height turnstiles -Single& Dual lane available with us. Pillar/Bridge types Turnstiles being small in size can accommodate at less space to control the pedestrian access and also ensures discipline /aesthetics in the office. Turnstiles are easy to operate & integrate with any access/BMS systems are very popular in every industry. Both turnstiles creates freeway in case of power failure & panic situation automatically to immediate escape. Turnstiles are very popular at security desks, governmental facilities, schools, banks, hospitals, universities, sports and entertainment centers

2.Flap Barrier-

LEAPTOR Flap barriers series are articulately designed to suit the internal office layout and adds aesthetics value to the reception area. The ease to use & its simple integration make sit very popular in every industry. SS 304 casing &acrylic flap which moves inside the casing in operation makes it suitable for handling heavy crowd public places like commercial office, Metro stations, Railway stations, Airports etc. As per site conditions these can be either single lane/dual lane. These can be specially designed to have high width lane for handicapped entry keeping same aesthetics& access control integration system.

These are installed in indoor applications like office, admin buildings, IT parks, large business facilities, industrial areas, etc.

3.Swing Barrier

LEAPTOR Swing barriers Series designed with SS bent tubular section which act as swinging section to allow/restrict the access. These have high performance drives & control system. These are available in Single & dual swing mechanism suitable for the various requirements. These are most popularly installed in corporate office entrance, Government offices & heavy crowd premises. As the number of visitors in the restricted premises get increasing on everyday basis, security guards and receptionists finds it difficult to keep track of growing human traffic in a building. Swing barriers are more attractive & specially designed to match the premises. Swing barriers are either single/dual lane with metallic/acrylic flaps depending the site requirements.

4.P- Type Gate

LEAPTOR P type gate Series Flaps are used for arrangement of passageways and interior design enhancement at entrances of administrative buildings, industrial and trade facilities, banking offices, airports, etc. These have pillar type design which accommodates in very less area & performs the heavy operations. These have facility to integrate with access control system for controlled & monitoring of entry & exit.

5.Sliding Barrier

LEAPTOR Sliding barriers series are of SS 304 construction having very sturdy design & high aesthetics value. Sliding barriers are very popular in Airports/Metro stations & commercial premises. Various inbuilt sensors makes these products very safe in operation. Heavy duty drives & control mechanism is adding value to be used in crowded places. Sliding Flaps are majorly used for high speed operations & flap retracts inside the casing body in operation. These can be either single/dual flap depending upon the requirements.

6.Boom Barrier:

LEAPTOR Boom barrier series comes in various form factors for varied applications and is sturdy & sleek designed in aluminum bar up to 7 mtrs for outdoor application and is designed for very high degree of operations. The Boom Barrier is corrosion resistant and power coated with casing of arrow Led indicator based profile. Based on the requirements & site conditions these can be designed 90 deg folding arms for parking area. Boom barriers are used for heavy duty application like toll plazas, commercial premises can also be specially designed. There are Straight Type, Articulate Type, Fence Type and Advertising Barriers used for different sites based on the footfall and security parameters.

For details visit us at www.leaptor.com or write us at sales@leaptor.com


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