“Prevention is Better than a Cure”

Fire prevention is crucial for many companies in order to operate their business without disruption. In most countries we can offer complete fire safety solutions provided by specially trained fire guards. This could, for example, involve checking that fire safety equipment is compliant with regulations, patrolling premises from a fire prevention perspective, monitoring fire alarms and, in some cases, working with in-house fire fighters. Most fire guards have basic training in fire protection and fire fighting.

Ensuring that the fire protection systems are up-to-date and well-maintained: The only fire protection system that will work properly is one that has been designed for your space and customized to handle the fire risks of your products and equipment. Evaluate your facility for fire risks: It is also a best practice to look around your facility for areas and equipment that have an inherently elevated fire risk and provide supplemental fires suppression in these areas. Actively practice workplace safety: Regular workplace fire drills, educating employees on fire protection systems and the setting up of a fire plan in case of emergency is vital. While this is important for any workplace, it is even more essential for environments where fire risks are high, whether that is due to working with flammable materials or with machinery that is high risk.

Fire can be a threat to all of us at any time at any place, but taking simple precautions and being prepared can help to keep us safe. Fire Safety at workplace is must and its Employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of personnel at place of work as they are the real assets for any organization. Fire Safety Training in the workplace provides a sense of preparedness for employees and adds to the overall health of the organization. There are many training programs to teach relevant up-to-date knowledge and awareness of potential emergencies in the workplace and to provide workers with the skills and confidence to deal with such situations. The knowledge and skills learnt by workers can prove invaluable in avoiding potential incidents. Employees can learn how to use emergency prevention equipment, operate emergency control equipment and correctly implement an emergency evacuation. Training can be modified specifically to organization’s needs, ensuring that fire teams and first response units have the most up-to-date and professionally accurate training possible. It also provides participants with the skills and knowledge to prevent and respond to emergency situations in the workplace. This is  ‘must’ for all organizations that want to equip their employees with the expert knowledge needed in a first response emergency situation.


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