HD Range of UL Listed Pre-Action Systems

1Pre-action systems are designed for water sensitive areas that require protection from inadvertent water flow into the sprinkler system piping. These systems employ the basic concept of a dry pipe fire sprinkler system where water is not normally contained within the pipes. But rather holding water from piping via pressurized air or nitrogen, pre-action sprinkler systems restrain water with an electrically operated valve, known as a pre-action valve.

HD Pre-Pack is a pre-assembled Pre-Action System enclosed in a self-contained cabinet. HD Pre-Pack comes with grooved ends to provide minimum installation time. It comes in a compact, space-saving, self-standing cabinet while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The system is also available as a skid-mounted unit.

Key Features:

  • Single and Double-Interlock
  • Professionally pre-assembled and factory tested
  • Internally wired
  • Quick and convenient installation
  • Compact, space-saving and aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • All sides  and door removable for ease of maintenance
  • UL Listed

The system includes Pre-Action Deluge Valve H3, Riser Check Valve RH, Water Supply Stop Valve, Water Flow Supervisory Switch, Pressure Gauges, Built-in Air Compressor and Control Panel with battery backup.

The water motor gong bell is pre-assembled. All internal valves and major components are individually tagged for identification.

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