INDIA’S UNION BUDGET 2019-20 The Wish List Of The Indian Electronic Security Industry

1By Mr. Robbin Shen, Managing Director, Dahua Technology India Pvt. Ltd.

The run up to the presentation of  India's  Union Budget is a very ideal occasion and time to review, reflect and reward the industries progress over the past one year and rectify the fault lines for further progress. The Indian Electronic Security Industry is one vital industry that needs the Union Government's attention, initiatives and incentives to make the country safe and secure. As Dahua is here to contribute for the growth and development of India, let me spell out the Wish List of our industry: 

  • Ease of doing business must be enhanced and procedures should be simplified. Compliance mechanism should be streamlined and approvals from not more than one or two authorities could become the norm.
  • Project implementation such as Smart City, Safe City, City Surveillance should be speeded up to avoid inordinate delay, cost and time overruns 
  • Infrastructure improvement should be given a high priority by increasing funding.
  • Import duties should be reduced as it will help bridge technology gap. Reduction in corporate and individual taxes  will enable more people to avail of security devices. Recently, GST rates have been slashed from 28 % to 18 % and below for a few security items.  Rates for other security items should also been brought down.
  • R& D and Innovation must be encouraged by giving suitable incentives.
  • Mandatory instalment of security devices in all crowded public places to pre-vent crimes.
  • Safety norms and standards should be clearly defined, and all establishments should be audited for safety levels.
  • Awards for the cities with Best Security should be instituted as it can encourage competition and promote peace, progress and safety.

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