Superwomen Series in the Fire Safety Mfg. Segment

Could you give us a brief history of New Fire Engineers Pvt Ltd; could you share with our readers the success mantra of this wonderful journey?

New Fire was formed as turkey Fire systems provider in 1975 as a subsidiary of Kooverji Devshi & Co. which was founded by my father in law in1947and it was in 1982 New Fire Engineers was made an independent entity. The company is steeped in dedicated service in Fire & Safety for past 5 decades. Coming from background of Freedom fighters family National feeling of’ India First’ is ingrained in me. One mantra I can share is ‘Safety of Human lives and National property & wealth is above all and no compromise of quality is acceptable. The best engineering, technology and taking responsibility of product and systems which should serve clients for over few decades is the key factors of success in this Industry’.

What are the latest products launched by New Fire Engineers Pvt Ltd? Could you brief us about their usage & how they are helpful?

New Fire has taken lead in bringing latest technologies in the past including proving the superiority and specifying is the Linear heat detection with Infra-RedDetectors, Gas suppression systems and lead in specifying the Inert Gas system with the belief that it will cut dependence and foreign exchange outflow. The Water Mist systems is the future As are some other innovative rescue products including Drones technology.

How do you serve the Fire Safety segment in the India & Asia? How do your products shape up in Indian & Asian markets?

New Fire undertakes turnkey projects and demands command the supplies. The major Refineries, Petrochemicals, Powerplants, Steel industry, Infrastructure Cement, Metro and all have a cyclic pattern of growth as per Govt. policies and specific tailor made solutions for each Industry. New Fire is vendor listed with all leading PSU, Organisations and Consultants. Our forte has been the Fire Detection & Clean agent Gas suppression systems –Co2, Inert & Water mist systems.

What are your market expectations with regards to the new product launches from the Asian & Indian Subcontinent Region?

Markets shift and expectations are high with emerging technology hubs in China, Korea and India too has of late, been giving encouraging schemes and incentives to innovate and substitute Imports. Many testing facilities meeting international standards& recognitions are being set up in India and Asian region and we are recognizing the full potential of our engineering expertise skills &human resources.

Tell us more about your outreach & products/ services you offer.

We are turnkey Fire systems provider and see each plant we protect as our commitment to provide the best suited engineered&technological superior system. We have our in house quality checks, product assembly and electronic manufacture with an eye to quality control. We have seen our Systems serving clients for several decades and our best certification is when system operates saving lives &plant. We have also crossed Indian shores to Iraq, Oman, Yemen, and Africa Sri Lanka, Indonesia.

Why does the Indian Fire & Safety market continue to attract global players despite the innumerable challenges?

India is a developing nation and the demands are big. The sheer scales are unimaginable for many who have initially set foot in India being apprehensive. Despite its bureaucracy, Red-tapism and procedural delays the market is attractive for sheer volumes and scales of business available here. India which has ambitious development plans is a growing market and with sustained demand unmatched by many countries. Patience and perseverance has paid many who have come to India and then established their own businesses.

Which verticals according to you have the greatest need for the latest Fire & Safety equipment?

While the Fire & Safety norms are established and follow the International standards for major industries of Oil & Gas, Power, Marine offshore and keeps getting upgraded by its governing bodies like OISD, CEA, RITES, CCOE. Fire & Safety norms providing for changes in way buildings are constructed have undergone sea change in its materials used for construction; the vertical heights and also its usages and demands. The rules need to be formalised considering these changes and keeping the priority of safety of people & properties. New technologies must be adopted and replace some archaic rules. NBCC has done a great amount of work of late.

There is a shift to environmental friendly material, equipment and green gases-clean agents. Options available must be adopted in our field. Watermist and some systems do take the lead in conserving natural resources also.

Looking further ahead, how do you see New Fire Engineers Pvt. Ltd. growing even more in the future, both in the International & Indian market?

New Fire Engineers with its vision for quality and has emerged as winners of some prestigious offshore export projects of over 4.5 million US$ and with growing foothold as leaders in innovative technology and project execution will ensure its growth with the expanding market and development India has projected to the world. We see New Fire as part of this growth and spreading awareness on importance of Fire & safety which is on the rise of late after the several Fire incidences in past year.


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